Pressure Frying And Broasted Chicken


Food trucks are very popular outside of breweries, at state fairs, at amusement parks, and even in large neighborhoods. And those food trucks are rolling out popular dishes that customers love. One trending menu choice on food trucks? Broasted chicken. As this dish has become more popular, having proper seasoning, equipment, and cooking methods has only become more important. That way, food trucks can make sure they stand out from the crowd. What do food truck owners need to know about broasted chicken, and what are the tips for producing the perfect broasted chicken?

What is Broasted Chicken?

Broasted chicken has been a popular dish in the Midwest for many years, but recently, it has become popular across the country. Resembling fried chicken, the broasting process requires special equipment.

Generally, the chicken is marinated and seasoned to the chef’s delight. Then, it is generally rolled in a specialty batter. Finally, the chicken is moved to a pressure cooker, where it will be deep-fried quickly. The goal of the pressure cooker is to seal all of the juices in place. Furthermore, it is important to make sure the breading does not crumble.

Furthermore, the chicken has to be properly enclosed in the fryer. That way, it remains moist and tender while still providing the crispy, satisfying shell with which many people are familiar. It requires a tremendous amount of practice and the right equipment to produce delicious, consistent broasted chicken.

Deep Frying vs. Pressure Frying

During the process, there are a lot of people who are curious about the differences between traditional deep frying and pressure frying. Even though both processes use hot oil, pressure frying means that the dish is enclosed in a confined space. Essentially, this creates a pressurized cooking environment, sealing in all of the flavors and juices. In addition, pressure frying is generally a much faster cooking process and will lead to more consistent broasted chicken results.

Furthermore, pressure frying keeps out excess oil, producing a healthier finished product. This cooking method isn’t only for chicken, though. Anytime someone is trying to seal in the natural flavors and juices, pressure frying is the right choice.

Henny Penny Pressure Fryer

Pressure frying has become more popular during the past few years. There are several significant benefits of pressure frying. First, it leads to much faster cook times, shortening turnaround times for orders. Furthermore, it generally has a lower oil temperature when compared to deep frying, which reduces potential kitchen hazards.

More versatile than a deep fryer, pressure frying opens up the possibilities menus can offer without having to worry about flavors transferring via used oil. And speaking of oil, pressure frying is also a much cleaner cooking method. There is no need to worry about greasy film and odors building up in the hood above the deep fryer, so there’s less time spent cleaning up.

Henny Penny is a pressure fryer that has been designed with the latest features, complete with an automatic system that can extend the life of the oil and reduce the amount of manual labor required. For consistent, delicious broasted chicken, Henry Penny provides quality trusted by everyone.

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