Characteristics of the Perfect French Fry


Everyone loves a good French Fry. In fact, people are so loyal to certain restaurants based on the quality of their fries that they’ll even become combative in defense of it or drive all the way across town just to eat there. But what are the characteristics of the perfect French fry?


It goes without saying that flavor is important. After all, taste makes up a majority of the dining experience. That being said, it’s critical to use quality potatoes and good, clean fry oil. The oil contributes greatly to the overall experience of eating fried foods.


Though tastes and preferences differ, the perfect French fry generally has a crunchy exterior and a light, fluffy interior. Finding the right balance is tricky, though, as making French fries that are too crispy will result in a tough exterior that goes beyond crispiness. Inside, if the fry is pasty or gummy, it was not cooked properly.


Fries should be golden brown. There’s a reason a famous restaurant uses that color in their French fry boxes. You can easily spot fries that have been overcooked by the dark spots or burns on the exterior of the fry. Likewise, this can also be an indicator of dirty oil.


Not really a characteristic of the fry itself, production is more a consideration of the overall process. How are the fries cut? When are they cut? Do they go directly from the freezer to the fryer? What type of fry oil are you using? Is that oil clean? And finally, are you using the right type of fryer to cook your French fries?

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