The Bartender’s Guide to Frozen Drink Equipment


Your bar or restaurant is gearing up for Cinco de Mayo. The music is queued up, the colorful decorations are out, and the warm tortilla chips are plentiful. But what about the frozen drinks? How prepared is your bar staff to churn out gallons of the fruity beverages all day and into the night? Do you have the equipment to concoct mucho margaritas in a short amount of time?

Selecting frozen drink equipment is an important part of running a successful beverage program. Having the options for margaritas or other frozen beverages on a drink menu can increase profit potential with specialty drinks. And not just for Cinco de Mayo, as the summer season brings an influx of frozen drink demands. So how do you know what equipment is right for your beverage program? Let’s look at two of the best options.

Margarita Machine

Margarita machines, or other similar frozen beverage freezers, are perfect for the bar or restaurant looking to serve large batches of the same drink. Offering a strawberry margarita special? By preparing the concoction well in advance with a margarita machine, bartenders can increase their efficiency and save time during the busy hours. With a refrigerated housing, beverages can stay colder for longer, at just the right consistency. A margarita machine can also be used with other frozen cocktails, flavored slush beverages, iced coffee, smoothies and more.

Frozen Drink Blender

It’s no secret that a powerful blender is a must for any beverage program. A restaurant or bar with a wide variety of frozen beverages on the menu would benefit from a frozen drink blender. If your operation offers a more customizable drink menu, a blender is ideal for those made-to-order items. It will keep wasted product to a minimum, allowing bartenders to make the exact amount needed each time. Have limited space or need mobility for your equipment? A frozen drink blender is versatile enough to operate from every corner of the bar.

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