Seven Essential Tools for Epic Backyard Barbecues


With Memorial Day weekend right around the corner, and a whole summer-ful of nice weather ahead of us, we want you to be in-the-know when it comes to grilling tools in Washington, D.C.

We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of what (we think) are the most important tools when it comes to barbecuing.

What you need for the best backyard barbecues in D.C.:

1. A BBQ Mopbarbecue mop

A BBQ Mop is essential for use with  vinegar-based marinades and sauces that are too thin for use with a silicone basting brush.

2. Marinade Injector

There are many benefits to using a marinade injector, including less marinade waste, no long wait during the marinating process, and flavor throughout the entire cut of meat. We have various types of marinade injectors, pictured below.

Tip: Try to make as few puncture holes as possible when injecting your cut of meat.

marinade injectors

Lodge Sauce Pot3. Lodge Sauce Pot

Maybe injecting marinades isn’t your thing. The Lodge Sauce Pot is a cast iron pot for grilling sauces and can be heated directly on the grill. It comes seasoned and ready to use.

Tip: It’s a year-round tool. When it’s not grilling weather, use this as a melting pot for mixing butter and milk, or to heat syrup and other sauces directly on your stove top.


4. Lodge Turner

If you don’t yet have a good quality food turner for your grill, then the Lodge Turner is a must. We all know the importance of using stainless steel over plastic on a high heat grill, and the Lodge Turner boasts a high quality wooden handle that’s sure to be long-lasting.

Lodge Turner for grilling

5. Lodge Basting Brush

The Lodge Basting Brush allows you to safely add marinade while grilling, while keeping your hands at a safe distance.

Tip: The silicone head is dishwasher safe.

basting brush

6. Lodge Tongs

Our Lodge Tongs have nice, long handles so you grilling tongscan keep your distance from the heat of the grill. These tongs are great for flipping steaks on the grill, and also work well for adding coal to a fire.

7. Winco Digital Thermometer

digital thermometer for grilling


Food safety should be on the mind of every grill master, and to make things easy, the following are ideal cooking temperatures for various meats, according to

Whole cuts of pork: 145 ºF with a three-minute rest time

Beef/Veal/Lamb: 145 ºF

Ground meat: 160 ºF

Poultry: 165 ºF


Come on down and get the tools you need for an epic backyard barbecue experience. Visit our showroom, it’s stocked and ready.

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