Seven Cool Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Life Easier


Are you ready to make life a little easier in your Virginia, Maryland, or D.C. kitchen? Check out these seven cool kitchen hacks, and start saving time and energy today!

1) No more fighting with plastic wrap. Do you get in epic battles with your plastic wrap when you’re trying to store your food? Try keeping your wrap in the refrigerator or freezer to make it easier to handle. And if you’re having a hard time making it stick, rub a few drops of water around the edge of the dish to make it more adhesive.

2) Separate yolks from egg whites with a water bottle. Lightly squeeze and empty inverted water bottle over a cracked egg. Move it over the yolk and release. The yolk will attach to the bottle so you can easily move it.

3) Make cheese grating easier. Before running a semi-soft cheese like gouda or fontina over your grater, put in the freezer for about 30 minutes.

4) Forget about flipping your fries. When you bake French fries or other foods on a cookies sheet, if you preheat the cookie sheet before cooking, you won’t have to flip your food.

5) Make cool looking pancakes. This one is perfect for the holidays. Instead of just dumping your batter onto a skillet, use cookie cutters to make fun flapjacks.

6) Peel your garlic in just seconds. All it really needs is a good shake, so stick your garlic cloves in a mason jar and shake shake shake. If you shake it hard enough, the peels will separate from the cloves.

7) Make your cheap red wine taste like its more expensive. What? Yes, that’s what we said. America’s Test Kitchen figured out that by putting cheap red wine in a blender for 30 seconds – on high – the wine tasted remarkably better than straight from the bottle.

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* Photo by Katrin Morenz