iVario Is the Latest in Cooking Innovations


In the summer of 2020, RATIONAL launched the new iVario Pro cooking system, a revolutionary piece of foodservice equipment that provides intelligent, multifunctional within a single unit. With controls that are easy to operate and automate, employing an iVario in any greater Washington D.C. foodservice establishment is an instant gain for operators. The thing is, when the RATIONAL iVario was released, no one had no idea of the labor challenges ahead in the foodservice industry. And this innovation can help ease some of those labor challenges with automation while still providing unrivaled versatility and quality.

What is the RATIONAL iVario?

The RATIONAL iVario Pro products are intelligent commercial food cooking systems on the leading edge of restaurant cooking technology. Made with lightning-fast cooking options and four independent cooking zones with individual temperature settings, the iVario Pro multifunctional cooking tool replaces a wide variety of commercial cookware and conventional pots and pans like deep fryers and kettles.

RATIONAL iVario – Smart Cookware Technology

Built with energy-efficient features, the RATIONAL iVario cookware line uses up to 40% less electricity than conventional cookers. Able to boil, saute, simmer, and braise in less time than traditional commercial cooking tools, the result saves labor, time, and money.

The RATIONAL iVario cookware product features press-to-start technology and intelligent features for deep frying, simmering, and cooking the juiciest meats using its patented heating technology. Patented heating technology features ceramic heating elements that can reach high temperatures in under three minutes. It also has individual cooking zones to cook food at different temperatures.

Benefits of Using the RATIONAL iVario

The RATIONAL iVario has additional features besides uniformly cooking foods on a smartly designed cooking platform. The following are examples of the new RATIONAL iVario cooking features commercial kitchens and chefs are raving about.

Enhanced Cooking Efficiency

Commercial kitchen and restaurant owners can increase cooking efficiency in their commercial kitchens, restaurants, employee cafeterias, and corporate lunchrooms when they use the RATIONAL iVario cooking system to serve hotter meals.

Improved Customer Experience

Customers eating in cafeterias, restaurants, and other locations where commercial kitchens serve hot food report improved experiences when their restaurant orders arrive at their table cooked to perfection and in less time.

Improved Employee Experience

Employees can spend more time on food quality and perfecting food presentations. They spend less time cleaning up spills and waiting for food to cook when they use the RATIONAL iVario Pro food system for cooking foods in commercial kitchens or restaurants.

Patented Cooking Technology

The RATIONAL iVario cooking systems feature patented cooking technology that includes an intelligent heating system, rapid heating, four individual cooking zones, and the ability to save reserve power for cooking up to 20kg of delicious meats.

Less Cleaning and Wasted Food

One of the best features built into the RATIONAL iVario? Its ability to avoid waste from burning or boiling over with uniform cooking surfaces.

The History of RATIONAL

The RATIONAL company has provided commercial restaurants and kitchens with the best commercial cooking supplies for over 46 years.

They started with a vision of supplying commercial cookware products in 1943. RATIONAL has since become a global market and technology leader. With over 140 million dishes prepared in RATIONAL units, it’s a must have in commercial kitchens.


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