Meet the iVario Pro and iCombi Pro lineup from RATIONAL


Keeping up to date with the endless supply of equipment on the market can make you feel like you’re going a little crazy. There’s always something new that’ll add a few benefits to your kitchen and help optimize your cooking operation. What if there was something that could do more than add a few perks to your kitchen? What if it could do a little bit of everything?

We’ve searched high and low to find the best equipment on the market, and we were just as surprised at RATIONAL’s solution as you’ll be.  To optimize your kitchen space, maximize cooking efficiency, and increase your service, we have one solution that does pretty much everything for you.  Meet the iCombi and iVario line up. These units are turnkey solutions that will leave you questioning why you didn’t find out about them and make the purchase sooner.

Break Through Limitations With the iVario Pro

Grab your notebook and start checking boiling, pressure-cooking, deep-frying, pan frying, and more methods of cooking off of your checklist. The iVario Pro is designed to give you an all-in-one experience in the kitchen while taking up less room and reducing energy consumption by up to 40%. Talk about saving money and being more eco-friendly with one addition to your foodservice operation.

Compared to other conventional foodservice equipment, this iVario Pro removes the need for a full room of appliances and a crowded kitchen. You can save time by focusing on your ability to prepare menu favorites from one convenient place without running around like crazy trying to monitor multiple appliances. Using intelligent cooking, the iVario Pro learns from you and utilizes that information to assist you in the cooking process. This dynamic design allows you to cook up to 4 times faster than your average conventional units.

See it for yourself:

Set the Bar With the iCombi Pro

Designed to learn from you, the iCombi Pro is the sibling unit to the iVario Pro. It tracks your cooking patterns to learn your menu as well as your needs. Reliable doesn’t sum up how amazing this unit is. It’ll take your routines, learn the temperatures you cook at most often, and adjust the humidity and air speed automatically to help keep your dishes top quality.

This machine is like no other. The way it takes up minimal room in the kitchen while helping you serve like never before is unmatched. The iCombi Pro is integrated with the latest technology to make your operation run smoother and simultaneously leading you down a more automated route. This can help drastically when it comes to rush hour as well as assist in cutting back on labor costs.

See it for yourself:

RATIONAL’s iCombi Pro Attachment

Want to go the extra mile with your iCombi Pro? You’re in luck! RATIONAL’s released an iCombi Pro Accessory to make your operation run even easier! You may be questioning how that’s possible since the iCombi Pro and the iVario Pro already give you an advantage. The Vario Smoker gives you the chance to serve your consumers even more delightful dishes with tasteful smokey bites.

See it for yourself:

With the Vario Smoker, you get precision, quality, and still get to take advantage of saving space in your kitchen.

Whatever your foodservice needs may be, contact us today to learn how you can integrate the iVario Pro, the iCombi Pro, and the Vario Smoker into your kitchen as soon as possible. Our experts will review all of the need to know details on how the equipment works, and share the benefits you can look forward to when adding these appliances to your foodservice operation.

Are you interested in learning more about RATIONAL? We’d love to chat with you. Mention this ad to your helpful Alto-Hartley salesperson to receive 10% off your order, too.