What is a Tilting Skillet?


If you’re a restaurant or foodservice business owner, you’re watching the trends and predictions for the year closely. This year, you might consider using a tilting skillet.

Whether you’re using your tilt skillet to prepare some cabbage after being inspired from our history of corned beef blog, or finding a new creative recipe, a tilt skillet may be the ideal piece for your industrial kitchen. Finding a tilting skillet is simple, even if you may think you already have all the kitchen equipment you need. If you find yourself wondering, “what is a tilting skillet?”, here’s a quick and simple guide to everything you need to know.

What Is a Tilting Skillet?

You may sometimes hear a tilting skillet referred to as a braising pan. The tilting skillet is a highly versatile piece of food preparation equipment. You can use either electricity or gas as the cooking method, depending on your needs.

It’s specially designed to create large batches of food, and it offers a nice deep pan. If you’re making pasta or soup, you won’t need to worry about whether the skillet is deep enough to add water or broth to cover the other ingredients.

The versatility of the tilting skillet allows you to prepare food in many ways. This makes it ideal for whipping up large batches of corned beef and cabbage for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Unlike a traditional steamer, you’ll be able to use your tilting skillet for so much more.

Uses for a Tilting Skillet

As a restaurant or foodservice business owner, you already have a lot of specialized equipment in your kitchen. Most of it is geared toward the dishes you prepare most often. For instance, if you run a pizza place, you have mixers for the dough and pizza ovens for baking.

However, a tilting skillet is designed to meet many cooking needs in a full-service restaurant or foodservice operation, and it prepares large batches at one time. The most common uses for a tilting skillet include:

  • Steaming
  • Frying
  • Boiling
  • Grilling
  • Sautéing

You almost certainly have a need for a few of these cooking methods in your own operation. A tilting skillet can tackle the jobs of several pieces of equipment.

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Benefits of a Tilting Skillet

Before you buy new equipment for your professional kitchen, you need to know it offers you distinct benefits. No worries! There are plenty of benefits for choosing a tilting skillet, including:

  • Saves space: In a commercial kitchen, space is always at a premium. A tilting skillet takes the place of a variety of equipment, so you don’t need the other items taking up space.
  • Go Big: Tilting skillets are ready to make large batches. It’s ideal for a busy restaurant or a dinner rush. You can use it to cook large batches for a special event, such as corned beef and cabbage for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.
  • Save money: You can spend a lot of money on fryers, grills, and pots for steaming and boiling. The tilting skillet condenses all these jobs into a single piece of equipment, saving you money.
  • Easy to use: The tilting skillet can work in your kitchen whether you operate on gas or electricity. It doesn’t require specialized training for your staff.

The tilting skillet can provide a solution for many cooking dilemmas. It’s one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that you can add to any size commercial kitchen. You’ll find yourself using it daily for most of your large batch dishes. At Alto-Hartley, we understand your needs and offer all the solutions. Contact us today to place an order or learn more about the tilting skillet.

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