A Quick Look at Summer Concession Equipment That Can Help Drive Revenue


Summer is just around the corner. This means it’s time for concession stands to shine! Whether you’re selling food at a baseball game or an amusement park, you will want to make sure you have the following tools to ensure you’re getting the most out of your concession stand this season.

Benchmark USA Premiere Popcorn Machines

As far as snacking goes, it doesn’t get much better than freshly popped popcorn. From movie theaters to state fairs, popcorn will always be a hit. Popcorn can be made quickly and with minimal effort, and it is easy to eat on the go, making it the perfect food for concession stands.

With Benchmark’s Premiere Popcorn Machine’s old-maid drawer feature, you no longer have to worry about customers biting into un-popped kernels. The perforated base allows the kernels to fall into a separate drawer. The all-metal and tempered glass construction allows for Benchmark to maintain the machine’s classic appearance while ensuring modern-day durability. When it comes to popcorn machines, the Benchmark Premiere will provide a high quality popcorn product that will inspire return visitors throughout the summer.

Benchmark USA Snow Bank Snow Cone Machine

When you’re cheering on the home team or running around the amusement park, nothing cools you down better that a fresh snow cone.

Every kid’s favorite, snow cones are bound to be a hit at your concession stand this summer. With flavors ranging from cotton candy to root beer, plus a variety of customizable combinations, there is something for everyone. By producing up to 500 pounds of crushed ice per hour, the Snow Bank Snow Cone Machine will most definitely keep your customers, and your cash register, satisfied.

Take a Closer Look at Summer Concessions Equipment from Benchmark USA

At the end of the summer, it’s all about revenue. With the help of the Benchmark machines, popcorn and snow cones can be the best-selling snacks at your concession stands.

To learn more about these units, schedule a demo in the Alto-Hartley showroom, or you can view the entire Summer Concessions Catalog. And if you’re looking to buy a new Benchmark unit, be sure to visit our showroom, and take advantage of our 10 percent discount offer.

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