Beer Dispensing 101 with Perlick


Not all beers are created equally – and neither is how it is delivered. Crafting a fine and outstanding brew is a nuanced mastery. It takes a brewery that understands not only the science behind the brew but also the people that come to appreciate it. 

Perlick is one of those companies that manage to cover both areas. Traditional, but still progressive, Perlick encompasses holding on to what works while being able to blaze a path toward the future.

About Perlick- A Brief History of the Company

In 1917, Robert K. Perlick decided to establish his own version of the American dream. Coming from Germany as a young man, he established R. Perlick Brassworks in the beer capital of the United States: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Flashforward by 100 years and factoring in about five generations, Perlick has managed to survive and thrive. As one of the premier brewers in the world, Perlick manages to stay humble to its Milwaukee roots (it’s still there) while incorporating innovative practices to be on par and ahead of the brewery craft.

Glycol Cooled Remote Beer System

Perlick beer systems use a coolant called Glycol. Food-grade quality and efficiency, the company utilizes copper lines to keep beer cold, fresh, and delicious. The copper lines create a 17 percent more efficient system than other coolant lines, such as poly. Most beer systems use poly coolant lines, but Perlick stays on top with its innovative delivery system.

Part of the reason that Perlick is preferred by large and small venues alike is that it can accommodate what its customers need. Whether it’s an arena or a local brewery, Perlick systems can distribute cold beer from hundreds of feet away or inches from the barstool. This is only one of the reasons that Perlick beer dispensing is unrivaled in its field.

Air Cooled Beer System

Perlick air-cooled beer systems are customizable based on the customer’s needs. As the Glycol keeps the beer cold, air-cooled systems are able to utilize the cold air that is already present. This means using less energy and being more cost-efficient for the operator.

As this system is designed to streamline the delivery process, patrons receive fresher beer and higher satisfaction. Customers will find that cleaning the beer lines is a lot less messy, too. There’s less beer to drain because the output is maximized through the system.

Bar and brewer owners have a variety of options to choose from, as well. Whether it’s through-the-wall taps or modular wall mounts, which are both available, the quality of beer remains pristine.

Direct Draw Dispensers

Beer isn’t the only beverage that stays on tap with Perlick direct draw dispensers. Patrons can choose from other options such as wine or cocktails. Kegs are great, but direct draw dispensers take keg potential into overdrive by extending functionality.

Unique design and flexibility are the hallmarks of Perlick’s direct draw dispensers. The wide variety of options is sure to fit any bar or brewery. Take something ordinary and turn it into something spectacular.

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