Bar And Kitchen Organization With Glastender


Serving up a well-made drink or perfectly poured beer can make a customer’s bar or restaurant experience even better. Having an excellent bartender is important for that experience. But so is having the best bar and beverage equipment. When using products by Glastender, staff can be sure they’re using tools that help with better service and happier customers.

About Glastender

Founded in Saginaw, Michigan in 1969, Glastender began when the founder, Jon Hall, invented an automatic rotary glasswasher. Revolutionary and the first in the world, this glasswasher not only saves precious commercial kitchen space but also took away extra steps bartenders needed to do. Saving labor and allowing staff to focus on other tasks.

Today Glastender’s innovative equipment remains stainless steel and fully welded as it has been from the beginning. Helping bars, restaurants, hotels, and other establishments serve quicker while staying clean and sanitary.

Glastender Products

A family-owned company, Glastender focuses on flexibility and design for bars and commercial kitchens. Their highly configurable equipment helps with efficiency and in-house design experts help build specifically to each business’s needs for a productive layout every time.

Custom Bar Fabrications

Having the right materials within reach is something that bartenders need to be able to make and serve delicious drinks quickly. Any step outside a specific area to find a bottle or glass can cause customers to not order additional drinks. With Glastender’s configurable cocktail stations and underbars, staff will always be able to find just what they need.

One-piece seamless tops and backsplash help with keeping clean while the welded construction eliminates sharp edges and the possibility of staff getting caught. Additional add-ons like glass racks, sinks, storage of liquor, ice bins, and blender stands let bars keep everything within an arm’s reach.

Bar and Kitchen Refrigeration

Keeping cold items cold isn’t only important for customer satisfaction but also for food safety purposes. The variety offered by Glastender covers both. The undercounter bar refrigeration is available in 29 different sizes, with or without drawers, giving plenty of room for all bottled or canned drinks. Their kitchen refrigeration is available in reach-in, wall-mounted, and countertop versions to ensure food is kept out of the danger zone to keep customers safe. Easy to clean and maintain, the bar and kitchen refrigeration also exceeds Department of Energy efficiency standards, helping save on energy costs.

Beverage Dispensing

Serving beer and wine on top can check a lot of boxes in the beverage industry, including saving money. Providing drinks on tap saves on purchasing costs, helping improve margins. But serving drinks on tap incorrectly can lead to drinks that don’t taste the way they should. Glastender beverage dispensers include keg coolers, line chillers to ensure beers and vino stay at temperature as they’re being poured, and tap towers to make sure every pour is the perfect one.


After those drinks are consumed, they need to be washed. Hand washing takes time and can lead to breakage. And nothing is worse than not being able to get the drink that was ordered because there’s no clean glassware. Glastender fully automatic glasswashers get clean glasses back quickly so there’s always drinkware at hand. Easy to disassemble without tools, the glasswashers are easy to keep clean while their compact design helps save on precious floor space.

Custom Kitchen Fabrications

For businesses that serve food and alcohol, making sure the commercial kitchen is as efficient as the bar area is important in getting meals delivered quickly. As with all Glastender pieces, the kitchen fabrication products are designed to be easily cleaned and sanitized. Customizable with cabinets, sinks, shelves, racks, and tables, the kitchen staff will always have space to store equipment and prep and plate orders.