Choosing the Right Fryer For Your Foodservice Operation


Finding the perfect commercial kitchen fryer that fits your foodservice operation doesn’t have to be a difficult task. In fact, the foodservice industry has multiple fryer options that can meet your specific business needs. Before you start your search, ensure that you are clear about your needs, budget, and space. 

Fryers — What types are available?

Commercial deep fryers are kitchen appliances that heat cooking oil for deep-frying various foods like French fries, chicken, mozzarella sticks, and fish. The kinds of foods you prepare often determine which fryer best suits your foodservice operation.

Fryers often vary based on the power source, size, and orientation. Typically, fryers often come in two distinct styles, countertops and floor models. Countertop fryers work best for foodservice operators that deem frying as an ancillary cooking method. These fryers guarantee top performance while using minimal space in your cooking area. On the other hand, floor fryers best serve high-volume food operators who prepare large quantities of fried food. These units are ideal for busy operators who use them constantly. You could select between the electric and gas models that meet diverse kitchen energy demands.

Besides the basic categories, you could also opt for specialty fryers for specific kitchen roles. Ventless countertop fryers, for example, can help you maintain proper ventilation in a fully-stocked kitchen. For outdoor catering applications, outdoor fryers fit the bill. The gas-powered mobile fryers let you serve fried delicacies in open spaces.

Fryer Purchasing Considerations

Power Source

Depending on your kitchen’s utility requirements, you could either opt for electric or gas fryers. Electric fryers are usually more efficient when heating up and deliver hastened heat recovery. They are also more mobile as you won’t have to tie them to gas lines. However, these fryers have lower maximum oil temperatures and longer heat-up times.

Gas fryers offer a cheaper option with more efficiency. These fryers are powered by either liquid propane tanks or natural gas lines and achieve faster heat-up times and higher maximum oil temperatures. For the perfect fry, go for the air fryer. These fryers help you achieve healthier food options while using very little oil.


Your business’ volume requirements also determine the fryer you’ll need. Fryers vary significantly in size from compact units to massive batteries. Most manufacturers will measure tank capacities in maximum oil volume or pounds with capacities ranging to 500lb. You could opt for multiple sizeable units and use them concurrently to manage your production rates.


Different fryers are ideal for specific usage rates. Light-duty fryers are suitable for small businesses that have specialized in frying. They are best suited for low-volume use. Medium-duty fryers are ideal for more frequent service with consistent performance efficiency. If your foodservice operation focuses on the large-scale preparation of fried foods, the more durable heavy-duty fryers will serve you best.

Burner Configuration

Fryers have diverse burners, including the open pot, which has its heating elements on the tank’s exterior. These burners are ideal for high-volume cooking, thanks to their larger frying space. Operators specializing in high-sediment food could opt for units with tube burners that carry gas through pipes inside the pot. Ribbon and flat-bottom burners are also suitable alternatives for a food operator.

Perfect Fry

Perfect Fry ventless fryers are, well, a perfect fit for operations of any size. Perfect Fry fryers are countertop ready and produce delicious fried foods without the need to deep fry. It’s truly the combo fryer that we’ve been wanting, with popular features such as:

  • Ventless (no vent hood necessary, or expensive ductwork)
  • Odorless (goodbye “fryer smell.)
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to maintain
  • Safe for the operator/worker
  • Low operating cost
  • …so much more!

Check out the Perfect Fry in action:



Are you looking for the traditional “deep fryer”? Ultrafryer is an excellent option. In fact, popular food chains like In-N-Out and Popeyes use it to produce high volumes of fried chicken daily. Since these fryers are also ENERGY STAR certified, you can leverage the District of Colombia’s $500 rebate available for anyone who upgrades to ENERGY STAR certified equipment before 7/31.

The best fryer helps you deliver the tastiest meals to your customers every time they come calling. With the proper techniques, equipment, and temperature, you can create the ideal piece of fried fish, chicken, or French fries for your clients.

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