Employee Highlights: Orlando Vazquez


At Alto-Hartley, we know that our team makes the experience of working with us special. To help you get to know them better, we created our Employee Highlights series. In this edition, join us as we get to know Orlando Vazquez.

What is your favorite part about working in the foodservice industry?

I find immense joy in the diversity of food culture that thrives in the DMV area. Every day at Alto Hartley, I cherish the opportunity to connect with customers from around the world, learning about their culinary backgrounds, and establishing meaningful connections.

Where do you see the industry headed in the next 10 years?

Over the next decade, I predict technology will play a significant role in the foodservice industry’s evolution. From advancements in commercial restaurant equipment to meeting increasing consumer demands and adapting to shifting preferences, the industry is set for consistent growth driven by innovation.

What is your favorite dining experience in the Washington, D.C. area?

One unforgettable dining experience that stands out for me was at Meaza Ethiopian Restaurant in Falls Church, VA. My wife and I had the privilege of sitting right by the stage where an Ethiopian music group performed. We were invited to join them, dancing and sharing in the vibrant energy of the moment, creating memories that we will never forget.

orlando vazquez

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy staying active through running. I also cherish moments spent watching movies with my wife, daughter, and son, as it allows us to bond over shared stories and experiences. Another passion of mine is cooking and experimenting with new recipes from different countries. It’s not only a creative outlet but also a wonderful way to explore diverse culinary flavors.

Tell us about the most memorable meal you’ve ever had.

One of the most memorable meals I’ve ever had was a gathering with my family where each person contributed something special to the table. It was a beautiful occasion filled with love, laughter, and a sense of togetherness. Everyone brought their favorite dishes from Puerto Rico, each one representing a unique aspect of our family’s culinary heritage and personal tastes. We not only enjoyed the delicious food but also celebrated the bonds that unite us. It was a heartfelt reminder of the joy that comes from sharing good food and creating lasting memories with the ones we love most.

Thank you, Orlando. We always appreciate your joy and optimism, so thanks for sharing it with us here in the Alto-Hartley Employee Highlights series.