Essential Equipment for Sous Vide Cooking


Sous vide cooking is a surprisingly simple way to deliver some of the best quality imaginable. By searing in flavor, juices, and aromas, the benefits of sous vide extend well beyond the kitchen and make their true impacts in the dining room. 

Guests are always pleased when foods retain their most desirable properties and when flavors are concentrated at greater levels. Operators enjoy a decrease in food waste created by overcooked foods. And kitchen staff enjoy sous vide because it can reduce the potential for oxidation, those making it easier to store food for later use with an extended shelf life.

When it comes to sous vide, though, it does require the right equipment. This equipment can be just as simple as the overall cooking process, though, especially when you’re dealing with a manufacturer like Waring, who has created an all-encompassing sous vide system.

Check out this beef tenderloin made with the Waring Sous Vide System.


Start off with either the WVS50 Portable Vacuum Sealer, a rechargeable battery operated, pistol-grip sealer that seals up to 50 bags on a single charge or runs on direct power when sealing larger volumes. Another sealing option is the WCV300 Vacuum Sealer, featuring an 11″ seal bar that double seals the pouch, guaranteeing complete, long-lasting, leakproof closure. It also has a Marinate function that infuses meats, fruits, and vegetables with their natural juices or with a marinade of your choice added to the sealed package.

WARing-logoFor cooking, Waring Commercial has introduced an integrated sous vide bath system (available in 16L and 25L sizes) that makes the low-temperature cooking process simple and smart for professional kitchens. It’s simple, easy, and delivers optimal temperature control.

The final step is searing, and what’s easier than removing your tenderloin from a vacuum-sealed bag and tossing it onto a skillet heated by induction. With these combination of products, you can bring your sous vide system to deliver high-end quality just about anywhere.

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