Food Preservation with Vacuum Sealing


It’s well-documented that we waste between a third and a half of all food supplies. Much of this waste comes from inefficient or ineffective food preservation techniques. One way to extend the life of foods and preserve seasonal flavors is to seal them in place with vacuum-sealing technology.

Food Preservation Made Easy Combivac

Henkelman utilizes a method known as Combivac to remove air that can contaminate foods over time. When foods are vacuum-sealed, foodservice operators can easily tenderize, marinate, and seal in freshness and flavors. Combivac allows operators to vacuum pack food in bags as well as glass jars to help enhance versatility in the kitchen. And given the increasing importance of sustainability these days, especially in the foodservice industry, the recyclability of glass is one reason why many customers choose to use Combivac.

There are a variety of examples that demonstrate the usefulness of the Combivac machine. One example is the Poke Bowl, which often contains products like apples, avocados, and sliced lettuce. When one vacuum packs these ingredients in a weck jar, they stay fresh and can be served in various ways depending on the needs of a particular foodservice company.

Prep Food in Advance – And Help Achieve Zero Waste

Food waste is a significant issue for foodservice businesses. It is ideal for foodservice businesses to generate as little food waste as possible, as wasted food is wasted money. However, with traditional food preparation methods, food waste is nearly inevitable. Food waste can make a foodservice business’s location look worse, smell worse, and seem less appealing overall. As a result, foodservice businesses have long sought ways to reduce their food waste.

Zero waste is a goal of many foodservice businesses. Preparing food in advance can help with this since it eliminates food waste being generated. Vacuum-sealing the prepared food and cooking it later is also helpful because it means that one doesn’t have to throw out food made earlier in the day.

Another reason that zero waste is a goal of many foodservice businesses is the number of food-insecure people in the United States. More than 42 million people in the United States are food-insecure, and a large amount of food waste contributes to this issue. Reducing the amount of food waste, along with diverting the food to food banks, is one way of directly addressing this problem. Achieving the goal of zero waste will have tangible benefits and a noticeable positive impact on one of the pressing issues in the United States today.

But eliminating food waste isn’t the only benefit of vacuum sealing. When foods are preserved in airtight bags or jars, operators can prepare many aspects of a dish in advance, saving time and making work easier for kitchen staff.

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