Four Pizza Supplies You Need in Your Pizzeria


You can make many different types of pizza – but there’s a few tools that help make it easy. From our perspective, these are the key supplies you need in your commercial kitchen for the perfect pie. Whether it’s New York-style, Chicago-style, or even Neapolitan pizza, these tools are used to craft your favorite pizza recipes, and they’re universal for most pizza styles. These tools will already be familiar to most, however, there are some variations in their usage that are interesting.


Scales are perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment. Measuring cups and spoons for your ingredients are not completely accurate – certainly not when compared to digital scales. A digital scale is a helpful tool that serves its purpose beyond just the making of pizza. In order to consistently make a quality dough, you must have extremely accurate measurements.

Bench Scrapers

Bench scrapers are also key for making the perfect pizza. The scraper serves as a tool to help scrape up bits of dough off the counter (less waste, less cleaning). Additionally, a scraper can be used to slice balls of dough into various portion sizes. This is ideal if you want to make multiple pizzas or small, personal pizzas. Bench scrapers are also excellent to help pick up chopped ingredients and transferring them to your pizza.

Pizza Peels

Many pizza-making novices purchase a metal-bladed pizza peel to bake and launch their pizzas. This is what some call a “rookie move” and we can help you avoid this mistake. There should be one pizza peel designated for launching your pizza and a separate peel for retrieving your pizza from the oven.


When launching your pizza (placing it into the oven to bake), it’s best to use a wooden pizza peel. This wooden peel helps the dough transition to the oven more smoothly, as raw dough is likely to stick to metal more than wood. The use of a wooden peel ensures that no ingredients are dropped or left behind. Now, for retrieving your pizza from the oven, a metal pizza peel works just fine. A wooden peel is typically too thick to retrieve a pizza, so a thin-bladed metal peel works best.

Pizza Wheels

Lastly, and perhaps the most iconic tool that is required when making pizza, is the pizza wheel. A pizza wheel is the most effective tool in your kitchen to utilize when cutting a pizza. Simply using any knife won’t do the job here, as it could pull all your cheese and toppings off the pizza.

The reality is there are many more types of pizza equipment and supplies you should consider for your pizzeria or even your home. Check out the Pizza Equipment and Supplies Guide from Alto-Hartley to learn more.