How to Achieve Waffle Perfection


Whether you’re making the classic southern dish, Chicken and Waffles, or the traditional breakfast waffles, how the waffle is made can make or break the meal. The perfect waffle is going to be evenly cooked, light and fluffy on the inside, and a crisp golden-brown on the outside. To achieve waffle perfection, one must use the right tools and ingredients.

The Perfect Waffle Tools

You will need a mixer, or a whisk and a mixing bowl if you prefer to mix by hand, and a waffle maker. Not just any waffle maker will do the job, though. To achieve the perfect waffle, you will need the Waring Waffle Maker. These commercial-grade waffle makers have unparalleled housing and heating components. The non-stick plates have built-in heating elements that practically guarantee evenly cooked waffles every time. Once you have gathered all the necessary tools, you will be on your way to perfectly crispy, yet fluffy waffles.

The Perfect Waffle Ingredients

If you want to achieve waffle perfection, you will need to mix your own waffle mix. The pre-made mixes just won’t cut it here. As with many recipes, this one starts with the basics: flour, eggs, butter, sugar, and milk. To get the texture and flavor just right, you will also need some baking powder and a smidgen of vanilla and salt.

After gathering all the right tools and ingredients, the fun begins. First, mix together your dry ingredients. Then, beat the wet ingredients. Make sure your Waring Waffle Maker is on and heating up. Once they are fully combined, egg, milk, and vanilla mixture to the dry mixture. Now, ladle the waffle batter onto the waffle maker and let the magic happen.

Commercial-grade Waring Waffle Makers are the most important component in making the perfect the waffle. Whether you’re a waffle-loving home chef, or the head chef at the hottest brunch spot in Washington D.C., Waring Waffle Makers will make whisking up the perfect waffle a breeze. With a quick trip to our showroom and your local grocery store, you will be serving the perfect waffle in no time.

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