How to Make the Perfect Pizza According to Yelp


It’s hard to find somebody who doesn’t like pizza. In fact, one out of every eight people in the United States consumes pizza on any given day according to a report from a USDA study released in 2014. Even crazier, for kids, 58 percent of pizza consumption is for lunch, snacking, and yes, even breakfast.

With so many pizza eaters starting their love of pizza at such a young age, there are many opinions on what makes pizza good. Even regionally, making the perfect pizza can mean many different things. Good pizza in Chicago, for example, is not defined the same way as it might be here in Washington, D.C., Virginia, or Maryland.

But we still want to know what makes the perfect pizza, so we did what anyone would do who wants to find out what other people think about things. We went to the Internet. Specifically, we went to Yelp. Check out these comments about DC Pizza:

“Really good pizza: fresh ingredients.”

It’s often overlooked, but good ingredients makes good pizza. Having a high quality tomato sauce or mozzarella cheese can differentiate one pie over another.

“The dough was crispy and cooked to perfection.”

The way we see it, the crust needs its own category. Sure the ingredients matter – what kind of flour, how much salt, and even for those of us on the East Coast, where do you get your water – but making good crust also requires a good oven. In fact, good pizza depends on a good oven.

“Absolutely in love with this little pizza place! A personalized pizza in less than 5 minutes – it’s perfect.”

In fast casual or QSR settings, speed and efficiency are obviously important. Having the ability to provide a high quality product in a short amount of time can mean the difference between success and failure in the restaurant industry.

Does good pizza require good foodservice equipment?

Absolutely. If you break down the three categories above – pizza ingredients, pizza crust, and pizza delivery – two of them are directly related to equipment. The right oven will get hot enough to perfectly cook the crust. The right serving equipment will speed up delivery times. And for establishments that take food allergies like gluten and dairy into consideration, having the right equipment to prep and hold food can even mean the difference between a happy customer and a sick one.

Every pizzeria needs a specialized set of solutions. Even home pizza chefs need different pizza equipment. Get inspired by looking at the Winco Guide to Pizza Supplies today.

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