How to Master the Art of (Real) Barbecue


Get your fire pit blazing and get ready to master the art of real  barbecue. And no, we’re not talking grilling up a few dogs and burgers. We’re talking a closed fire pit with meat roasting low and slow away from any direct flames or heat. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn what it takes to get started on a successful barbecue journey.


What are the basics?

For anyone not familiar with good old fashioned barbecue, you’ll want to start with a fire pit (or grill or smoker) at a temperature range of about 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature allows the breakdown of connective tissue, and creates an end results that’s juicy and tender. With the “low and slow” method, you can even avoid purchasing pricier cuts of meat.

As far as fuel, you’ll want to choose charcoal or wood (such as apple wood, cherry wood, hickory or oak). If you have a smoker that takes pellets, you can use these as well.


What are the best cuts of meat?

Ribs (back ribs and short ribs) are an obvious choice for barbecue, but other cuts to consider are pork shoulder or Boston Butt for pulled pork, pork tenderloin, beef chuck, and beef brisket. Chicken is always an option, and some might enjoy goat meat as well.


What do I need for great barbecue?

First of all, you need a grill, smoker, or smoke pit. Some combi ovens can also be used as smokers. Other than that, you’ll need the meat, a range of seasonings and marinades, a good quality vinegar to add acid to those marinades, bumping backyard music, and a selection of barbecue tools.


Do you have any recipe suggestions?

A few recipes that look particularly mouth-watering are this North Carolina Pulled Pork from Epicurious, this smoked beef brisket on Texas toast from Food Network, and pulled chicken from The Spruce that can be made on a charcoal grill.

Or, if you’re just not feeling red meat, you can barbecue salmon filet in a simple marinade of equal parts good quality maple syrup and dijon mustard.

And since barbecue is more than just a main course, don’t forget about a fantastic side of beans, collard greens, and this cast iron skillet corn bread that looks out of this world.


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