Keeping Your Ice Machine Sanitary


One of the most used machines in your commercial kitchen is the ice machine. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, ice machines could pose a challenge for staying clean. As bars, restaurants, and cafeterias begin reopening around the country, keeping your ice machine sanitary is even more critical than before. 

Why Is An Ice Machine Prone To Contamination?

Storing ice in the ice machine requires a significant amount of moisture to build and store in the machine. Unfortunately for a commercial kitchen, this high level of moisture can be a breeding ground for bacteria. With temperatures rising through the kitchen due to cooking, and different components like sugar and yeast move through the air and become trapped in this moisture.

In many commercial restaurants, the ice from these machines is transported through the kitchen area to commercial-grade ice machines in order to provide ice for customers and diners. Being transported through this atmosphere allows the bucket to gather these particles in the air and carry it back to the excess moisture where the ice is being made. If it is not cleaned properly or regularly, this can generate a large amount of mold or mildew among other bacteria. Those consuming the ice will be exposed to these dangers and could become very sick.

Cleaning Your Ice Machine and Keeping Your Ice Machine Sanitary

Daily cleaning on your ice machine is essential. The cold temperatures of the ice machine will not eliminate these dangers by itself. Assistance is needed. You should be sanitizing and disinfecting these areas regularly to prevent cross-contamination in these areas. One of the best treatments available for cleaning and maintaining it is to take advantage of ozone water treatment options.


With the use of ozone treatment to your ice machine can give you the insurance you need in knowing that your ice machine is maintaining cleanliness and sanitation standards around the clock. The goal of the ozone treatment is to offer a natural solution to the ice machine by encouraging oxidation throughout the equipment. The ozone particles travel through the water in the ice machine, eliminating bacteria and contaminants in their path. Because these particles are made of three oxygen atoms, they have the ability to enforce oxidation on the contaminants, weakening them and breaking them down.

Once the ozone has worked its way through the water, the excess oxygen will release as a gas through the ice machine, sanitizing all the internal surfaces within the ice maker. Again, these ozone particles are breaking down contaminants that they come in contact with as they rise up through the ice maker.

See it in action:

Benefits of Sanit-ICE

With this process working consistently through your ice machine, you have fewer labor needs for strenuous cleaning on the machine. With the reduction in labor for this task comes the reduced need for resources. You do not have to purchase various chemicals regularly to clean the machine while avoiding the ice being contaminated with cleaner.

The best benefit of Sanit-ICE is knowing that the ice being served to your customers and your staff is clean and healthy for them. They are not taking in dangerous particles while dining with your kitchen.

Get The Guarantee Of Clean

With the COVID-19 pandemic upon the world, knowing that you are doing all you can in your commercial kitchen for your clients is critical for their business to return. It has never been more important for restaurants and cafes to be aware of the contaminants that could spread through your kitchen.

If you want to enjoy this sense of relief today or would like more information on the Sanit-ICE treatment, give our team a call today. Now is the time to start saving money and maintaining a healthy atmosphere in your ice machine.