Meet Sally, the Future of Foodservice Automation


If you were in Orlando for The NAFEM Show 2019, or if you happened to check out our recap of this bi-annual foodservice equipment and supplies extravaganza, you know that automation and ease-of-use was one of the most important trends we found on the show floor.

Meet Sally, the Future of Foodservice AutomationOperators across Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., many of whom are suffering from labor and staffing issues, can benefit from more and more foodservice equipment focused on making and delivering food to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible, much of which is experiencing design elements rooted in automation.

The real questions are how can we deliver high quality food as quickly as possible? How can equipment make this easy to do? And how can that equipment be easy to learn for high-turnover staffs.

Meet Sally.

Sally loves the current healthy eating trends we see across the country. She loves it when more and more customers are looking to eat their daily dose of veggies, and she makes it as easy as possible for operators to deliver those veggies.

Sally is a robot. She’s a box that measures one meter by one meter, serving customizable, made-to-order salads and meals from a countertop. Check out what Sally can do:

So why would someone use Sally the Robot from Chowbotics aside from the obvious? She’s programmed by a team of culinary experts who know how to source seasonal ingredients, create tasty recipes with those ingredients, and offer balanced meals for customers.

With backing from a great culinary team and cutting edge robotics from the technology side, Sally is determined to pioneer a whole new industry of possibilities when it comes to foodservice, and this was recently affirmed when Sally from Chowbotics was awarded a Kitchen Innovation Award from the National Restaurant Association.

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