Meet the New Product from UNOX- The First Ever “Hot Fridge”


If you’re running a restaurant or a food-service operation, you’re always looking for ways to keep food fresh and healthy longer. It’s always easier to make larger batches, but you need to be careful to ensure it remains at a safe, constant temperature to keep it tasting its best.

You probably already use or know about UNOX and their award-winning Combi oven technology. However, they’ve taken technology to the next level in foodservice with the latest technology in food preservation with the EVEREO. It’s actually a “hot fridge” to keep your food fresh and at the correct temperature between coming out of the oven and serving it to a customer. 

Food Arrives at the Table More Quickly

Traditionally, your kitchen receives an order, and you cook it. Depending on the meal and the number of orders in the kitchen, this can take up to 45 minutes or an hour to get the customer served. With the EVEREO “hot fridge,” you can take the time down to a matter of minutes. After receiving the order, the kitchen staff plates the meal and sends it out to the table.

The food inside the new “hot fridge” stays at the ideal temperature for service, so you don’t need to heat it up in any way. This allows you to serve your customers quickly without the kitchen getting in the weeds. Your foodservice operation can gain a reputation for serving fresh, hot food quickly. Temperature also plays a part in keeping your food safe for consumption.

hot fridge

Keeps Food at a Safe Temperature

One problem with holding food before serving it is that bacteria has a chance to grow, making the food unsafe for consumption. Your new “hot fridge” helps you maintain the temperature of the food so it doesn’t cool off after coming out of the oven or other kitchen equipment. This new fridge maintains the temperature you choose and quickly returns to the appropriate temperature after you place the food inside.

The temperature of cooked food doesn’t need to drop much before bacteria begins to set into the items. A “hot fridge” is more effective at keeping your food at the correct temperature than a heat lamp or other means of heating food while it waits on orders. You can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your food is always at the correct temperature so you can protect the health of your customers.

hot fridge

Maintains Great Flavor

When you freeze or refrigerate cooked food and then reheat it, the meal loses a lot of the flavor of fresh food. You need to find a balance between the time it takes to prepare each meal fresh and the flavor that only comes from recently prepared dishes. With the “hot fridge,” you aren’t going to sacrifice that fresh food taste. You can store food in trays in this “hot fridge” for up to eight hours, and your customers will love the taste.

You don’t want your customers returning plates of food because they don’t like the taste. Unfortunately, reheated food that’s been frozen has a distinct taste and changed texture. Most foodies can recognize food that’s been chilled and then reheated due to this new texture. When you place your dishes in the new “hot fridge,” you maintain the same texture and taste like food that’s just been prepared. It keeps your customers happy and returning to your establishment over and over again.

You already know that UNOX is a name you can trust to outfit your kitchen. This new “hot fridge” is the latest addition to their line, and it helps you save time and money while maintaining your high standards.

hot fridge

See It In Action:

Are you interested in learning more about this “hot fridge?” We’d love to chat with you. Mention this ad to your helpful Alto-Hartley salesperson to receive 10% off your order, too.