Spotlight On Canadian Beverage Supply


Every business is looking for innovative, high-quality equipment that will help serve customers more efficiently. For breweries, restaurants, hotels, and stadiums, Canadian Beverage Supply covers all of that and more.

Meet Canadian Beverage Supply

A distributor in the North American market for over 25 years, Canadian Beverage Supply is a family-owned company. With an initial focus on beer dispensing, they also offer solutions for other beverages like soda, water, wine, and cold coffee projects. Canadian Beverage Supply is known for being very customer-centric and works hard for the opportunity to serve others.

Learn About Their Product Line

Branded Products

Branding equipment with design and print helps set foodservice businesses apart from the competition. Canadian Beverage Supply offers a wide variety of opportunities to brand coffee towers, kegerators, chalkboards, coolers, tap handles, and other items in a bar or restaurant.


A new trend happening in the beverage world is wine on tap. With a consistent flavor profile wine on tap is fresh from start to finish and always served at the appropriate temperature.  A wine tap system provides exceptional value to bars, hotels, and restaurants.  It’s also environmentally friendly because there are no bottles to throw out that could end up in dumpsters, landfills, or river bottoms.

Cold Brew/Nitro Coffee

Some of the most popular current coffee choices are cold brew coffee and nitro coffee. Less acidic than hot coffee, cold brew is also perfect on a hot day. Nitro coffee requires a special tap to inject that extra creaminess into it. Canadian Beverage Supply offers cold coffee taps, cold coffee towers, on-tap corny kegs, and cold coffee kegerators. Helping make sure businesses have the right coffee options available to customers.

Draught Beer

Serving beer at just the right temperature is the key to making sure bar guests have a great experience. With equipment for tapping, drip trays, keg and bottle refrigeration, and remote dispensing, there’s everything needed to outfit a bar of any size.

What Sets Canadian Beverage Supply Apart?

Canadian Beverage Supply is dedicated and committed to the belief that brands are based on trust.  Working to provide the best products and services to help their customers, Canadian Beverage Supply can help any foodservice or beverage business improve service, serve the best beverages, and increase profits.