Technology Transformation of Foodservice with Cloud-Based Monitoring


These days, it’s hard to imagine what life was like before technology took over. Every industry has been impacted by technology, and often for the better. When it comes to foodservice, high-tech equipment, and machinery have transformed the way chefs and operators can deliver delicious meals to their customers. Especially in the cloud-based monitoring field.

That said, high-tech solutions can also create high-tech problems. Equipment monitoring is a constant need for restaurants, and yet many of them don’t stay on top of it as much as they should. Fortunately, there’s always a new development to help fix these kinds of problems, and NotifEye is the answer.

How Technology is Transforming the Foodservice Industry

Since the beginning, technology has been evolving hand-in-hand with the foodservice industry. As phones became more widespread, customers would call in orders for takeout. Once intercom technology developed, it was possible for drivers to place orders in a drive-thru without interacting with a person directly.

In the modern era, technology is permeating every facet of the industry, such as:


Online and mobile ordering have become far more prevalent in recent years, thanks in large part to the pandemic. Customers expect to be able to place an order before stepping foot in the restaurant, so they don’t have to wait in line to figure out what they want.

Similarly, kiosks can speed up service and allow customers to personalize their orders on their terms. Kiosks can also make recommendations or highlight new menu options as needed.

Even the drive-thru speaker system has been upgraded with AI voice systems. Now, instead of a person communicating with the customer, a program does it all so employees can focus on food preparation and customer interactions.


While traditional stovetops and ovens are still widespread, they’re quickly being replaced by the next generation of foodservice equipment. Smart ovens and stoves can adjust their heat levels according to the dish being prepared so nothing is overcooked or burnt. Similarly, automated machinery can dispense cooked dishes once they’re finished, so workers don’t have to keep tabs on everything at once.


Since everyone has a smartphone, restaurants can use that to their advantage and start preparing dishes based on a customer’s location. Conversely, customers can monitor delivery drivers so they know when to expect their food. Geofencing enables operations to deliver coupons and other geo-related marketing to capture more foot traffic.

Understanding the Need for Efficient Equipment Monitoring

Temperature changes happen in a kitchen all the time. So, operators and chefs need to invest in reliable and efficient foodservice equipment monitoring systems. Typically, this would fall on employees, but it’s easy to overlook temperature readings or to wait until things die down to do everything correctly.

Unfortunately, if a restaurant isn’t diligent about monitoring its equipment, these fluctuations could lead to unsafe practices. If food reaches the “danger zone” for too long, it could spoil and put customers at risk of food-borne illnesses. If that happens, a restaurant has a long and difficult road ahead to recapture its core audience.

What’s most important is monitoring temperatures during busy periods to ensure that dishes stay outside the danger zone at all times. Fortunately, technology can help with that, too.

NotifEye™ Cloud-based Monitoring and Notification System

NotifEye is an all-in-one cloud-based monitoring system that allows restaurants to keep tabs on equipment temperatures without constant supervision.

This system uses multiple tools and touchpoints to ensure consistency and reliability at all times. A multi-function thermometer can send data to the app, along with wireless remote sensors. Once a temperature reaches a dangerous range, an alert is triggered so workers are notified immediately.

Also, because this system monitors temperatures all the time, it builds customized reports so operators can see how they fluctuate at different times of the day. With that information, restaurants can adapt their protocols to ensure food safety and reduce any risks that may occur.

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