The Quick Guide to Finishing with a Speed Oven


Good food, fast. We hear that often in commercial foodservice. Whether it’s a deli making sandwiches during the lunch rush, or a convenience store serving up pizza and wings in an instant, speed without sacrificing quality, is a priority for both operators and guests. Finishing in a speed oven is one cooking method to provide high-quality food in a short amount of time.

What is finishing?

When food is cooked and kept warm for long stretches of time, it will inevitably lose its quality. Meat becomes tougher, vegetables lose their color, and nutrients are lost. Through finishing, prepared food is heated evenly and quickly, maintaining optimal characteristics, like perfectly melted cheese or tender beef.

How does a speed oven work?

Pratica Speed Oven Cook TimesFinishing food can be done using a speed oven. In a speed oven using impinged air, a heater and blower work together to force air upon the food in the oven, moving at a high speed and surrounding the entire surface of the food with hot air.

As a result, foodservice operators can produce a number of menu items in a matter of seconds. Less cooking time means an ability to take more orders. In an industry where time is money, the seconds saved are incredibly valuable.


See a Prática speed oven in action in this short video below:

Finishing with a Prática Speed Oven

Prática speed ovens are perfect for finishing in seconds. But they provide other benefits as well. As a ventless cooking solution, these ovens can be placed anywhere in an operation, without the need for exhaust hoods.

A speed oven from Prática, like the Chef Express is designed to make finishing menu items as easy as pressing a button. From a new hire to an experienced chef, recipes can be easily programmed and implemented in a commercial kitchen with its user-friendly interface.

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