Three Ways to Enhance Your Catering Service


As every caterer knows, there are a lot of moving parts when putting together an event – both literally and figuratively. But what about those weeks when there are two, three, or four events in a single day?

Well, it’s November, and tis the season for catering. So whether you’re catering a holiday dinner or feeding politicos at an office party, let’s take a look at three ways to enhance your catering service.


There’s a lot of psychology involved in dining. We eat with our eyes first, but even before we eat, we take in our surroundings and decide whether or not we like the space. For caterers, this creates an opportunity to go beyond the food. Consider bringing in decorative items or table settings. Make sure the lighting provides a function as well as a fashion. Do whatever you can to make guests feel comfortable, and they’ll walk away with a positive experience.


Catering service can include table service, or it can be a simple buffet. Either way, make sure food is served and displayed for maximum enjoyment and profit. For example, if you’re creating a holiday buffet, put popular and lesser expensive items at the front of the buffet when people still have space on their plates. Put the high ticket items at the end so people don’t fill up on the profits.


This works in two ways. First of all, once you have the catering gig all set, make sure everything arranged and advertised in ways so guests know what to expect. If you’re providing a buffet service, clearly mark the areas where people can get a cocktail versus an appetizer. This will help spread people out, eliminate confusion, and ultimately enhance the overall experience.

In a larger sense, set the stage with your own business objectives as we head into catering season. Consider joining a catering association, find a niche, or promote yourself as an expert on a certain type of event.

Using the right equipment is also an important part of running a successful catering business. Look for equipment that is versatile and cost effective for the menu and service you’d like to create. And if you’re looking for the latest ideas to help, you can always ask a foodservice equipment expert.

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