What to Consider When Selecting a Convection Oven


Whether you run a convenience store or a chef at a five-star restaurant, you’ve heard of a convection oven. With the infinite number of options available, selecting a convection oven for your needs can seem like a daunting task. Be sure to consider the following when selecting a convection oven for your commercial kitchen.

What’s the Difference Between Convection and Standard Radiant Ovens?

Radiant ovens simply heat up and surround the food with static heat. Convection ovens circulate hot air with a fan that allows faster, more even cooking. A convection oven will also result in crispier, juicier and all-around tastier food. Convection ovens are perfect for cooking poultry, pastries, bread and so much more.

Gas versus Electric

This is often the first thing we think of when choosing a range, but it also applies to choosing your convection oven. Regardless of which type of convection oven you choose, you will need electricity. Both gas and electric convection ovens have different advantages.

The gas convection heating process produces moisture as a byproduct. This makes it exceptional for baking purposes. The electric convection ovens have a smaller variance in temperature fluctuations, meaning the product would cook more evenly.

Floor versus Countertop

In most cases, kitchens are equipped with floor model ovens. However, commercial kitchens can also be equipped with a countertop convection oven. Typically, countertop convection ovens are smaller and hold less product, but can be perfect for smaller kitchens. Floor convection ovens are usually available in full and half-size options. Many manufacturers also offer bakery depth models, which are deeper than your standard floor-model convection ovens. Regardless of whether you choose a countertop or floor-model convection oven, you will most likely need a hood.

Space versus Yield

There are convection oven options for every size and type of kitchen. How many people and what kind of food are you serving? In kitchens like concession stands and convenience stores, where little floor space is available, countertop convection ovens are a great option. Full-service restaurants and bakeries most likely need floor-model ovens because they produce a higher yield in the same amount of time. For kitchens that are lacking floor space but need a high yield option, stacking convection ovens could be a solution.

Whether you are upgrading your current commercial kitchen or opening a new foodservice operation, choosing the right convection oven is important. Stop by our Alexandria, Virginia showroom to learn more about the type of convection oven that is right for you. Don’t forget to bring in this 10 percent off coupon!Alto Hartley Showroom Discount for Foodservice CTA