Cinco de Mayo Essentials: Things to Consider for Throwing a Great Fiesta


Over the years, Cinco de Mayo has become a great American tradition. Yes, it has roots in Mexico and is a celebration of Mexican heritage, but the reality is, like St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, the fifth of May is a much bigger deal here in the United States. Are you ready to throw a great fiesta at your house? Here are some Cinco de Mayo Essentials to consider.


Every Cinco de Mayo celebration begins and ends with America’s favorite cocktail. (Yes, margaritas are the most popular cocktail order north of the border.) For the perfect margarita, you need great ingredients, classy yet durable glassware, and a good blender. Start with a speedy crash course on Blendtec or Hamilton Beach drink blenders to discover which one is right for you.


Of course, you’ll also likely have guests that want to be a little different. Make sure your home bar is stocked with the right types of spirits and ingredients to satisfy all types of guests. Do you have a good non-alcoholic option or a “mocktail”? Do you have some of the essential Mexican lagers on hand? And what about Kaluha or grapefruit juice for the ever-more-popular Paloma? Cinqo de Mayo is a great chance to show off your home bartending skills.


The tortilla has a round and flat history. It’s an essential part of so many Mexican dishes, and it should be treated with respect. Like your beverage options, make sure you have a good assortment of tortillas to satisfy all types of diners. For example, include both corn and flour tortillas, as guests with celiac disease or gluten allergies cannot eat flour. Other options to consider are whole wheat and flavors such as sun-dried tomato or spinach. Also consider using tortilla warmers, frying your tortillas, or even adding a bit of cinnamon and honey for the perfect, post-meal dessert.

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