Do People Crave More Coffee in Cold Weather?


We’ve all been there; it’s cold and raining outside, and reaching for a hot beverage seems to have a comforting impact on the body. With so many beverages to consider, coffee remains the most sought-after beverage after water when temperatures start to freeze. Besides, 64 percent of American adults consume coffee every day, while 39 percent of coffee drinkers augment coffee drinking during the holidays. But are people craving more coffee in cold weather? Read on to find out.

Interesting Statistics About Coffee in The U.S.

According to NCA, 64 percent of adults drink coffee daily, with the average coffee drinker consuming 2.7 cups a day. Besides, 79 percent of American coffee drinkers prepare the beverage at home, while 35 percent usually drink black coffee. This means that more than 150 million Americans drink approximately 400 million cups daily, an equivalent of 140 billion cups annually.

Because of these numbers, it is likely most people consume between 3-5 cups of coffee per day in the U.S. Furthermore, the figures are likely to increase during cold weather for the reason that hot coffee helps boost body temperature. Although drinking hot coffee during cold weather does not necessarily make a huge difference to body temperature, people crave coffee more than most beverages.

Why People Crave Coffee in Cold Weather

Most people drink hot coffee during cold weather with the intent of warming up the body, whereas others drink it because it is their habit, regardless of the weather. Drinking coffee can again be a social experience; for instance, regular interaction in and around coffee shops or meeting with friends in a restaurant. Unlike most beverages, coffee also contains caffeine, letting drinkers stay awake throughout the day and be productive.

Although it seems hot coffee helps warm up the body in cold weather, the stimulant has a very low impact on body temperature. However, drinking hot coffee during fall or winter helps your body relax and feel comfortable. Besides, wrapping your hands around the cup helps keep the hands warm, especially when exposed to cold.

With minimal influence on body temperature, drinking hot coffee plays a critical role in keeping the body hydrated in cold weather. Maintaining correct hydration levels helps regulate body temperatures, though most people prefer staying hydrated during hot weather. Yet, it is equally important to remain hydrated during freezing temperatures. Research shows that the body will naturally forget about thirst when battling the cold and keep the body warm. Thus, it is less likely for people to feel thirsty in cold weather.

Generally, coffee-drinking habits, caffeine dependency, and social interaction are some reasons why people drink coffee throughout the year. However, most coffee drinkers consider the beverage during cold weather to boost body temperature and stay warm. Whether meeting at a coffee shop, having your regular coffee cup, or facing headaches and stress, drinking hot coffee may seem an ideal way to alleviate freezing temperatures.

Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Coffee and Staying Hydrated

Research shows that drinking coffee offers some defense against potentially life-threatening diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and liver disease. Besides, coffee contains Vitamin B12 and magnesium, crucial for body health, as well as fostering weight loss. In addition, drinking hot coffee in cold weather helps boost the immune system, keeping the flu and other related illnesses at bay.

Bottom Line

Millions of coffee drinkers tend to increase their craving for hot coffee in cold weather, intending to warm up their bodies, prevent flu and boost comfort. Although a hot beverage does not necessarily warm up the body, it provides relief against cold hands. For more information regarding coffee drinking in cold weather, contact us here at Alto-Hartley to learn more today!