Five Benefits to Leasing Restaurant Equipment


A restaurant isn’t a restaurant without these things – guests, employees, food, and foodservice equipment. Take one of those components away, and you have no operation. Foodservice equipment is a necessity, but not every restaurant operator can buy the latest combi oven or ice cream maker. Every situation is different. That’s why you should consider leasing your next piece of restaurant equipment.

Whether you’re a new Washington D.C. restaurant or a dining staple in Virginia, there are a number of benefits to leasing restaurant equipment. Let’s take a closer look at a few.


New restaurant operations are consumed with starting costs. From renovations to labor to food, the bills pile up quickly and cash flow is tight. That shouldn’t mean a restaurant should settle for inferior equipment during its infant stages. By leasing, new foodservice operations can minimize their equipment expenses while still utilizing the top brands and cooking technology.


When leasing restaurant equipment, there are no hefty down payments to budget for. By limiting the amount of money needed upfront to do a leasing deal, it keeps more cash in the operator’s hands to keep the restaurant running smoothly and efficiently.


Just like a car, when the lease is up, operators have the opportunity to own the equipment. Why go through the trouble of finding a new oven range to research, install, and hope works just like the one you have been leasing all this time? After all, there’s no better way to know how equipment will perform than by putting it to the test in your kitchen.


No restaurant can get by with just one piece of heavy-duty foodservice equipment. And leasing a pizza oven doesn’t mean you should have to jump through hoops to lease a deep fryer as well. Add more equipment to your lease contract hassle-free.


Having a profitable year with your restaurant? With no prepayment penalty, you can buyout your contract early, with an added discount.

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