Introducing the Original Rotator Pizza Oven


It’s been well documented that pizza is the most popular dish in the United States. Likewise, as more and more foodservice operators look to the fast casual segment for a share of the pie, so to speak, methods for preparing and delivering high quality pizza as quickly and efficiently as possible are becoming more numerous. One area of note is the pizza oven itself.

Some fast casual concepts now have customers literally building their own pies along a serving line. The pizza then goes into the oven and is quickly delivered to the waiting customer in a piping hot fashion. And the beauty is the customer didn’t have to wait that long at all, regardless of how many customers are in the store.

Marra Forni’s Rotator Pizza Oven is the original. It’s essentially a first in, first out concept where pizza is loaded and rotates for the exact amount of time needed. When it reemerges at the front of the oven, it is ready to serve. Have a look for yourself:



Pretty impressive, huh?

This made-in-America pizza oven takes the classic elements of the origins of pizza and adds a modern spin. Literally. And with pizza ovens and pizza equipment from the inventors of the Rotator Pizza Oven, operators throughout Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington, D.C. area have access to whole range of solutions to increase profitability.

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