From Searing to Flavoring- It’s Charbroiler Season


It is critical for foodservice operations to rely on the right equipment to meet their needs. And that includes having access to a charbroiler. The temperature is already beginning to warm up outside. So it’s important to think about what should be added to those special occasion menus (think Kentucky Derby or Father’s Day). Of course, to maximize the flavor of each option on the menu, it is critical to rely on the best charbroiler available.

While many people think that charbroilers are great for grilling meats, they are also great for other purposes as well. A charbroiler is one of the most versatile tools available, and all commercial foodservice operations need to think about how they can maximize the utility of this appliance.

The Searing Process

Searing refers to cooking meat very briefly at a very high temperature. It creates a nice crust on the outside of the meat, which can provide a bit of extra texture and flavor. One of the biggest benefits of searing meat is that it can lock in the juices and the flavor, preventing the meat from drying out.

While many people are used to searing food in a pan, it can be seared using a charbroiler as well. Steak and seafood should be seared on the charbroiler for just a couple of minutes at very high heat on each side. It is critical not to sear your meat for too long, or it could end up burning.

Flavoring The Meat

Even though searing can lock in many of the flavors and juices, it is critical to add the right spices, herbs, and marinades. There are plenty of popular flavor combinations, such as lemon juice and pepper, garlic and rosemary, and even cajun spices. Honey and soy are also popular flavor combinations. While salt and pepper can provide a solid foundation, basil and oregano can be nice additions as well.

Do not forget to consider adding wood chips to infuse some smoky flavor into the meat. While liquid smoke can be a solid foundation, using wood chips makes a significant difference in the flavor of the meat itself.

Beyond Meat: Vegetables And Fruits

In addition to meat, vegetables, and fruits can be added to a charbroiler as well. Grilling onions, squash, and zucchini can be a nice way to bring out a new flavor profile from the vegetables. Grilling broccoli and asparagus can be a nice touch as well.

Many people do not realize that grilling fruit can also be a great idea. Grilling apples, grapefruit, or peaches can be a great way to bring out some of the natural sugars and sweetness. For fruits and vegetables that have a slightly different flavor profile, consider adding them to the charbroiler.

Why A Vulcan Charbroiler?

Everyone deserves to have access to one of the best charbroilers available, and that means relying on Vulcan. This is one of the most durable options on the market today. With a variety of advanced features, Vulcan has innovative infrared burner technology, a patented great design, and heat deflector panels. There are also numerous grate options available, allowing users to customize the size of the grate. With access to 25-in, 36-in, and 47-in grates, users can open the door to new options that might not be available from other manufacturers.

Cleaning And Maintenance

To get the most out of the charbroiler, it is critical to clean and maintain it properly. The grease should be burned off as soon as the cooking is done. In addition, the grill and grates should be scraped clean. The sides of the grill also need to be wiped down, and the radiant burner should also be cleaned from time to time. By cleaning and maintaining the charbroiler properly, it should last for many years.

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