Providing the Best Solutions with Hoshizaki Ice Machines


An important part of the restaurant and bar industry, ice is considered a food product and needs to be treated as such. Using the right commercial ice machines can help your foodservice business keep customers happy and safe. Hoshizaki ice machines and ice dispensers can help.

How Hoshizaki Ice Machines Got Started

Established in 1947 as an electric company in Nagoya, Aichi, Hoshizaki sold its first foodservice product in 1957 as a juice vending machine. The 1960s introduced fully automatic ice machines to the foodservice industry in Japan. In the 1970s, the business expanded into cooking equipment products and started selling beer dispensers and refrigerators, while expanding its footprint around Japan.

The 1980s introduced a new research and development center with the product line expanded to manufacture and sell prefabricated refrigerators, and in 1986, the first U.S. factory opened in Georgia. The 1990s brought further expansion of the company into Amsterdam, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Beijing. The 2000s saw further expansion around Europe and the acquisition of a beverage dispenser manufacturer in Texas. The company was also listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 2008.

Hoshizaki Products That Work With Your Business

The company has greatly expanded its portfolio of products since the original juice vending machine in 1957. Some of their top ice maker product categories and units include:

Crescent Cuber

The KM-901MAJ50 ice maker is an air-cooled, modular unit with a durable stainless steel outer shell, H-GUARD Plus antimicrobial agent, and the ability to mount two units next to each other for double the output. This product produces crescent ice that’s ideal for a restaurant or bar business.

Low-Profile and Dispensers

Featuring a hands-free dispenser unit with a built-in storage bin, the DCM-271BAH-OS is a cubelet, air-cooled ice maker that can produce up to 247 pounds of ice in 24 hours. The unit features 10 pounds of integrated storage capacity, a durable stainless steel exterior, an LED remote sensor with opaque containers for hands-free operation, and an Advanced CleanCycle24, which purges for two seconds every hour to self-clean.

Modular Cubers

With the ability to produce 188 pounds of air-cooled ice in a day, the IM-200BAC is a square cuber icemaker with an integrated storage bin. The unit is designed with a front-in, front-out airflow, and EverCheck alert system. Every cube is made individually with a dedicated jet spray.

Specialty Cubers

The AM-50BAJ-DS is a top hat specialty cube icemaker that is custom cabinet-ready. This means the exterior of the unit is hidden by a cabinet door to fit with any home, restaurant, or bar décor. This product can produce up to 51 pounds of integrated storage and holds up to 22 pounds of ice at any time. Also, this ice maker features an easy disassembly water circuit for simple cleaning and can accommodate custom cabinet doors.

Undercounter Cubers

With the ability to produce 50 pounds of daily ice, the IM-50BAA-LM delivers square air-cooled cubes and can manage up to 22 pounds of ice at any given time. The unit features an ice scoop, foam-injected polyurethane insulation, and a small footprint to easily place under a bar.