How to Cook Fast Without a Microwave


When it comes to reheating and rethermalizing food, some may think a few seconds in the microwave will do the trick. But 30 seconds in a microwave can affect the quality of bread, tenderness of chicken, or crispiness of french fries.

With a fast cooking multi-technology oven, foodservice operators don’t have to compromise the taste or composition of food for the sake of speed.

VariKwik by Cadco

VariKwik: Fast Without Microwave

The VariKwik fast cooking oven from Cadco uses Tri-Heat Technology for quick food preparation that without sacrificing quality.

What is Tri-Heat Technology?

VariKwik ovens utilize a combination of convection, conduction, and infrared heat to rethermalize food quickly, creating that “fresh out of the oven” feel, every time.

VariKwik is Easy to Use

Using intuitive touchscreen controls, operators simply choose between breakfast, lunch or dinner, select the choice of food, and press the preprogrammed recipe button to start. VariKwik’s digital controls give operators the flexibility of adding recipes or extra cooking time.

See the VariKwik oven in action in this short introduction video below:

Fast Cooking for Any Menu

VariKwik’s versatility means the same oven can heat up croissants for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and pizzas for dinner. But that’s just a taste of how VariKwik can be used. VariKwik ovens have a small footprint and are perfect for convenience stores, delis, cafeterias, bakeries, coffee shops, and even catering.

Watch below to see the number of different cooking applications VariKwik can accomplish:

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