Why Your Washington, D.C. Bar Should Consider a Beer Glass Rinser


People are passionate about their beers. Whether it’s a light beer after work or a flavorful import over dinner, there are best practices that bars and restaurants should always consider when serving up a draught. One of those techniques is a properly treated beer glass.

Beer glass rinsers have been popular in the bars and pubs of Europe for a while, but we’re starting to see more and more of them in metro Washington, Virginia, and Maryland. They have many benefits; so let’s take a look at the most important ones:


By rinsing a beer glass with a high-pressure spray of water right before it’s used, you can ensure the glass is clean and free of dust, debris, and any detergent remaining from the cleaning process.


A glass that is already wet leads to a beer that is better poured. Because the glass is already wet, the beer disperses more smoothly cross the surface of the glass creating a truer head of foam.


For those that were wondering, it’s always best to rinse your beer glass with cold water. A blast of cold water chills the class so it’s not warmer than the beer. At the same time, high quality flavorful beers shouldn’t be served too cold. A glass rinser is the perfect solution for both.


Let’s be honest. When you place that beer glass with the gold covered rim onto a stainless steel glass rinser in front of your customers, it looks like you take great care to serve a quality product. Beer is a prideful endeavor. Take advantage of that notion, and enhance your image.

Learn more about how beer glass rinsers and how they can enhance your establishment.

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