How to Build the Perfect Breakfast Panini


A panini grill can take a regular, boring sandwich to the next level in your home kitchen. As a foodservice operation, a panini grill can expand any menu and literally double the sandwich offerings you provide in a commercial kitchen.

While paninis are more often considered a lunch or dinner food, a breakfast panini is the perfect way to start any day in Washington, D.C., Maryland, or Virginia.  Here’s one recipe for a delicious breakfast panini:


The quality of bread can make or break a good sandwich, and that goes especially for a panini. Using pre-sliced bread is fine, however, opting for a thick ciabatta or brioche roll is ideal.


You can’t make a delicious breakfast panini without breaking a few eggs. Fire up the skillet or griddle and cook a few eggs, scrambled or otherwise, the choice is yours!


The breakfast meat, bacon or sausage, is the link that holds the panini together. Cooking up several strips of crispy bacon or golden brown sausage will have you drooling before you even get to the panini press!


The finishing touch to your perfect breakfast panini is the cheese. Cheddar cheese is a popular favorite, but you can’t go wrong with American, gouda, or brie.


Now that you’re ingredients are put together, it’s time to use your panini grill. Once it’s heated, place the sandwich on the panini grill for a few minutes until your panini is golden brown and ready to be devoured. Now wasn’t that better than oatmeal for breakfast?

Ready to learn more about grilling the perfect paninis? Attend an Alto-Hartley demo to find out how you can make the most of your panini grill.