Introducing the AVIAIR PureSense: Sanitizing with table salt and water!


There’s a real challenge that restaurants face currently while operating in a pandemic; proper disinfecting and sanitizing. We spoke earlier on the difference between cleaning and sanitizing, and just how clean is clean. We’re all excited about our newest product offering, because it’s a product that is timely and applicable for the time, specifically. We are excited to introduce the AVIAIR PureSense: the system that sanitizes with table salt and water.

How does salt sanitize?

Salt has a long history of being used as a preservative, specifically because of it’s sanitizing qualities. Not only does salt effectively kill some forms of bacteria, it also literally sucks the water out of bacteria and eliminates it completely. When water and salt mix together and go through electrolyzing process, it forms a natural ingredient called hypochlorous acid. The human body actually contains trace levels of hypochlorous acid in your white blood cells. As many of us remember from high school, when bacteria invades your body, those white blood cells immediately go to work to naturally defend your body from this foreign pathogen. Hypochlorous acid is often referred to as nature’s disinfectant.

AVIAIR’s technology harnesses the power of electricity and science, mixing some simple water and table salt creating electrolyzed oxidizing water.

About the PureSense:

The AVIAIR PureSense solution is ready in just 10 minutes, total. You simply add the ingredients and place it in the patented dock to begin the science magic. The great thing about this system is that you only need to purchase one complete set; each bottle can be taken off and reused on the same base, thus reducing your restaurant’s carbon footprint and plastic disposal as well. But, nothing really shows how cool this product is as much as video.

See it in action:

What can it be used for?

The AVIAIR PureSense can be used pretty much anywhere you’d like to kill germs. Within the restaurant industry your options are limitless. If you can spray it, you can disinfect it. The mixture immediately goes to work destroying germs and completely killing them within 10 minutes. Since it’s also a naturally occurring chemical, you can use it to clean fruits and vegetables, as well.

Once the mixture is finished, the mist is distributed evenly and very fine; one bottle will last you quite a while, and you won’t have to be mixing additional solutions like it’s a second job.

Get The Guarantee Of Clean

With the COVID-19 pandemic upon the world, knowing that you are doing all you can in your commercial kitchen for your clients is critical for their business to return. It has never been more important for restaurants and cafes to be aware of the contaminants that could spread through your kitchen, as well as new innovations available to stop contamination in it’s tracks.

If you want to enjoy this bit of helpful cleaning science in your establishment, give our team a call today.