Introduction to the TurboChef Plexor


Commercial kitchens have more demand being placed on them than ever before. Meals are expected to come out quickly and be impeccable every time. Unless commercial kitchens and restaurants can satisfy both criteria, customer and patron satisfaction will drop, and the bottom line will suffer. Now, the TurboChef Plexor provides commercial kitchens with the latest features and technology to meet customers’ expectations everywhere. What are some of the top features provided by the TurboChef Plexor?

The TurboChef Plexor Provides Customizable Features

One of the major advantages of the TurboChef Plexor is that it comes with a variety of customizable features that can be tailored to meet the needs of the menu. What makes the Plexor different from other appliances in the industry is its completely modular design. Three separate technologies can be employed on a single user interface using only one outlet, ensuring that the appliance can be modified and retrofitted to meet the needs of the menu. Now commercial kitchens can use the TurboChef Plexor to serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, all from one convenient kitchen appliance.

Features And Highlights Of The TurboChef Plexor

There are several specific features that chefs, cooks, and users will enjoy. First, the Plexor can handle rapid cook, impingement, convection, and just about any combination of the three technologies listed above, providing unprecedented control over the cooking process.

When space is at a premium, the Plexor can ensure commercial kitchens get the most out of every square inch, as it only requires one outlet. When this is combined with a ventless model, the Plexor can fit just about anywhere. Furthermore, with a single-user interface, the TurboChef Plexor has a very short learning curve. It does not take a lot of training to learn how to take full advantage of every feature provided by this appliance.

The Plexor even comes with a litany of automation features, allowing users to save time during every aspect of the cooking process. This includes the Middleby Connect Wi-Fi system, which makes this oven perfect for a commercial kitchen.

With so many features available, it is easy to see why the TurboChef Plexor has become one of the most trusted appliances and just about every modern kitchen.

The TurboChef Plexor Can Even Help Commercial Kitchens Address Labor Shortages

Among the many challenges that commercial kitchens are facing in the current environment is a severe labor shortage. Now, with restaurants struggling to maintain their bottom lines, they may have a difficult time hiring employees in a tight labor market. As a result, commercial kitchens need to do more with less.

The TurboChef Plexor makes that possible. Because the Plexor oven can handle so many recipes at the same time, restaurants no longer need to worry about hiring multiple people for different aspects of the cooking process. One person can produce multiple meals as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of those meals, thanks to the advanced features of the Plexor. Automation features blend seamlessly with a smooth user interface to produce delicious meals at just about all times of the day.

Explore The TurboChef Plexor For Commercial Kitchens

These are just a few of the many reasons why so many commercial kitchens are increasingly turning to the TurboChef Plexor for all of their cooking needs. Regardless of the size of the kitchen, this rapid cook oven can help kitchens everywhere increase their productivity through menu expansion while reducing overhead expenses and meeting the needs of patrons. In many ways, the Plexor could define what commercial kitchen operations look like in the future.