Making Sure Your To-Go Services Are Ready For The New Year


The past few years in the foodservice industry have created trends we never expected before Covid-19 impacted the nation. One of those things is to-go and delivery orders. Since March 2020, to-go services have more than doubled in the United States. Providing to-go and delivery orders has helped many small and local restaurants stay in business. So it’s essential to make sure you have the right to-go supplies on hand. Here are some products that will make your to-go orders go more smoothly and satisfy your customers.

Offer Drinks To-Go

One new trend that is being seen around the country is the legalization of offering to-go alcoholic drinks. In fact, the pandemic is the reason behind why more states are allowing to-go cocktail sales. Keep up with this popular trend and offer your drinks in Tablecraft Beverage Pouches. A great alternative to paper, plastic, or Styrofoam cups, these drink pouches come in various capacities and are perfect for beer, wine, sodas, or mixed drinks. Just grab a straw, hold the handle, and you’re off!

But these drink pouches can be used for so more than just beverages. Think sauces, soups, and individual ingredients for meal kits. Easy to fill and easy to seal, the perfect way to transport almost any item. Helping you expand your to-go order menu.

Deliver At The Right Temperatures

Nothing is more disappointing than receiving a delivery order and having tepid food. Not only do you have an upset customer, but you might have to refund their money to satisfy them. Costing you money instead of making you money.

Avoid any issues with delivery bags that are designed to retain heat. Cambro GoBags delivery bags offer a perfect, high-density insulated fit for every to-go meal you offer. GoBags keep meals hot or cold, protecting their quality, from your kitchen to your customer’s door. This heavy-duty solution offers stitched straps and a ticket slot your delivery driver can see through. Made of thick, breathable nylon fabric that provides superior moisture control, GoBags are available in 9 shapes and sizes to snugly fit any meal for safe transportation. Flaps open and close easily, ensuring a tight seal and are lightweight, stain-resistant, machine-washable, and easy to store.

Have delivery persons using bicycles or scooters to get your food out? The Vollrath Backpack delivery bags have adjustable straps for comfortable wear. With a moisture-resistant liner to protect food and the option of a power pack insert that allows you to dial up to the desired holding temperature, these backpack delivery bags offer a versatile option to get your food where it needs to go.

Provide Secure, No Contact Pickup

Customers are still looking for no contact pickups of to-go orders. Not only does no contact offer quicker access to their order without having to wait in line, but it also helps control who has access to the order. However, what happens when the no contact pickup station is just a shelf in the restaurant? How can anyone control who handles or looks into the bag?

The solution? Hatco heated pickup lockers. POS-integrated so employees can save time processing orders, the lockers can also help increase put through and meet demand. Able to be preset to warm food at 150°F, staff will have the capability to raise the temperature as high as 180° to adequately control bacteria. With access to food in the locker only available to the customer who receives the QR code on their smartphone, the risk of someone pickup up the incorrect order is eliminated. Customers can be in and out quickly knowing that their food hasn’t been compromised.

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