Panini Press It Like A Pro With Hatco


A panini is so much more than a hot sandwich. It has a long history that dates back to Milan, Italy in the 16th Century. The unique sandwiches can be stuffed with a number of ingredients – and the crunchy bread leaves an unforgettable taste. When in a commercial kitchen, utilize the Hatco Multi Contact Grill – a premium panini press that provides a quick service sandwich to anyone. It’s something that can be offered in restaurants, schools, and other facilities to offer delicious food at a premium profit.

Why Use a Panini Press?

A panini press offers a way to cook a panini so the necessary heat distribution goes across the entire sandwich. Otherwise, there’s risk of the bread not getting crispy or the ingredients reaching the desired temperature.

A panini press will do all of the work. Simply layer the ingredients between two slices of bread. The press will help to push the ingredients together as they heat up. Grill lines will also appear on the bread, providing people with the quintessential appearance of a panini.

One of the reasons why a panini press is popular is because it can create delicious sandwiches without spending a lot of time getting them in front of the consumer. And, sandwiches can be pre-made, saving time and ready to be pressed as ordered.

A good panini consists of a few basic ingredients:

  • Quality bread (brioche or ciabatta are best)
  • Meat and/or eggs
  • Cheese (one that melts well, like cheddar, brie, or gouda)
  • Condiment (mayo, pesto, aioli)
  • Fresh ingredients (spinach, bell peppers, avocado, etc.)

Once the panini is on the press, it only needs to be there for a few minutes. As soon as the bread is golden brown, it’s ready to be served.

All About the Hatco Panini Press

The Hatco Multi Contact Grill is a panini press that provides a thermostatic control. There are also both grooved and smooth plates, giving the choice of having grill marks on whatever is being pressed.

Most of the components are dishwasher safe. And the Easy Clean System allows for quick and efficient cleaning of the grill so that it’s ready for the next day.

The press is also large enough to press two sandwiches at once – a must in any commercial kitchen.

When You Should Use a Griddle

When should you use a panini press and when should you use a griddle? Griddles can be used to make paninis, but it takes a pressing action and a heavy item on top of it to get the full press. So instead of paninis, use a griddle for breakfast items like eggs, pancakes, and French toast. A griddle is also great for burgers, chicken, and other proteins. With a combination of a Hatco griddle and panini press, you’ll have everything you need to make great meals.


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