The Do’s and Don’ts of Promoting Beverage Dispensers


The importance of beverages in restaurants or foodservice establishments is often forgotten. While alcoholic beverages are often seen as the traditional leaders in profit margin, today, non-alcoholic beverages are quickly gaining importance. In this brief yet comprehensive blog, we’ll reveal the essential “do’s and don’ts” of promoting beverage dispensers in places like fast-casual restaurants and c-stores, along with actionable steps to drive increased customer satisfaction and sales.

Understanding Consumer Behavior and Preferences

Do: Conduct Customer Surveys. Gather feedback from customers to understand their preferred beverage flavors, portion sizes, and packaging options.

Do: Offer Variety. Provide various customizable beverage options, including different flavors, mix-ins, and portion sizes to cater to diverse preferences.

Don’t: Don’t assume that one size fits all or that a single beverage offering will satisfy all customer preferences. It’s essential to offer diverse options to meet varying tastes.

Optimizing In-Store Placement and Presentation

Do: Assess placement. Evaluate the placement of beverage dispensers and consider relocating them to high-traffic areas or near complementary products, such as snacks or prepared foods.

Do: Enhance visual appeal. Create an attractive display area with engaging signage, display materials, and well-designed promotional messaging to capture customer attention.

Don’t: Don’t neglect visual presentation. Neglecting the visual appeal and strategic placement of beverage dispensers can result in missed opportunities to capture customer interest and drive sales.

Harnessing Limited-Time Offers and Seasonal Promotions

Do: Plan seasonal promotions. Develop a calendar of seasonal promotions and limited-time offers tailored to customer preferences and seasonal trends.

Do: Communicate effectively. Create compelling promotional materials to communicate limited-time offers and build excitement around the promotions effectively.

Don’t: Don’t overlook the seasonal trends. Overlooking the impact of seasonal trends and limited-time offers can lead to missed opportunities to drive foot traffic and boost sales.

Leveraging Digital and Social Media Marketing

Do: Establish an online presence by regularly posting engaging content related to the beverage dispenser offerings on social media platforms.

Do: Utilize targeted online advertising to reach potential customers and promote specific beverage options or limited-time offers.

Don’t: Don’t underestimate digital engagement. Underestimating the power of digital marketing and social media engagement can limit your ability to reach and engage with a broader customer base.

Customer Engagement and Loyalty Building

Do: Implement a customer loyalty program specifically for beverage purchases, offering rewards or discounts for repeat purchases.

Do: Personalize offers based on customer preferences and purchasing history to enhance the customer experience and encourage repeat visits.

Don’t: Don’t overlook customer feedback. Doing this and failing to implement personalized offers can result in missed opportunities to strengthen customer loyalty.

Measuring Success and Iterative Improvement

Do: Track Key Performance Indicators. Implement a system to track KPIs such as sales volume, customer foot traffic around the dispenser, and customer engagement with promotions.

Do: Continuously improve. Keep testing and iterating on promotion strategies to identify the most effective tactics for driving beverage dispenser sales and customer satisfaction.

Don’t: Neglect data analysis. Not tracking and analyzing key performance indicators can hinder your ability to make informed decisions and improvements.

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