Resources for Local Food Sourcing


Working in the foodservice business makes us hyper-aware of following food trends going on around us all. Lately, the whole idea of food shortage has been front and center in consumer’s minds, particularly when it comes to having ready access to fresh meat and in-season produce. A walk through the grocery store in the Maryland area showed us that we weren’t alone in our expedition; people are flocking to their local groceries and have genuine concern about being able to feed their family fresh meat and produce.

If one good thing has come from this pandemic, it’s simply the fact that the food and foodservice arena is truly essential; those grocery store frontline workers are doing the best they can to stock the shelves with nutritious food. 

Upon some investigation, there are additional resources that have become more available, simply based on the current climate and the need. Farmers have been given the chance to open their doors to the general public, and cut the middle-man in many regards. And, the good news is, people are buying into this new business model. We have compiled some information available for the mid-Atlantic region, and wanted to share our resources for food sourcing with you; it’s our intent to be helpful and an online platform for connecting people with the food they require to live a happy and healthy life, whether in their home for quarantine, or out.


  1. DMV National Takeout Guide: If cooking just isn’t your cup of tea, this online resource of takeout and delivery in the Metropolitan Washington DC Area is a must-have guide.
  2. The Ranch To Table Facebook Group: This FB group platform serves to connect general consumers with ranchers looking to sell their meat selection, locally. Many farmers choose to utilize independent meat processors or butchers, rather than large-scale plants, and butchers have been deemed essential in most locations. Butchers are also small independent businesses that follow strict sanitization guidelines already, so you can rest assured they are safe. Meat is fresher, too!
  3. Capital Meat Company: The Capital Meat Company is offering delivery of meat to the general public to make up for the lost revenue/resources usually reserved for larger restaurant orders.  If interested, please contact 301-277-8290.  They are currently only open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Also, meat prices change daily so they will send you the current pricing but also check out their butcher boxes on their website. In the link below there are other meat suppliers as well.
  4. DC Area Wholesalers Now Offering Food to Public: This Washingtonian Article is a must-read if you’re local and looking for meat, dairy, and produce around the DC area.
  5. Imperfect Foods: Imperfect Foods is a produce delivery box that is focused around bringing produce to people and utilizing the produce that may be deemed “not good enough” for grocery shelves. There is a lot of waste in the industry, as some items are “too big” or may not meet specific standards. Imperfect Foods brings the delicious (yet physically “imperfect”) produce directly to your doorstep.

It’s our goal to turn this list into a living, breathing resource for you to look back, reference, and trust. If you know of a local restaurant that is offering a takeout switch-up, or going above and beyond to offer their customer base delicious meals during this off-time, we’d love to feature them.

Drop us a line, visit our restaurant resources page and submit the form, and we’ll add your nominated restaurant to this article. Our world basically turned upside down overnight, and the ability to adapt and overcome this business model switch is not an easy task. So many restaurants and grocery stores have taken it in stride, and bravos all around are in order. Help us help you, and spread the word to think outside the big store box, and outsource your materials like most restaurants do. As always, your friends at Alto-Hartley are always available to provide support, whether it’s being your advocate and cheerleader, or simply helping you pass along the news that provides your family and friends with a new source for their next grocery haul. We want to be there for you, and ride this crazy game of life alongside you the whole time.