The Alto-Hartley Guide to Sausage Links


With summer nearing an end and the grilling season drawing to a close, we decided to compile a list of the world’s most famous sausages for your grilling pleasure. Feel free to browse this list, discover some new ideas, and revisit some old favorites. Just have the charcoal ready.

Here’s a guide to the world’s most famous sausage links:

BRATWURST – The famous German mixture of pork (and sometimes veal) that is highly seasoned and ready for a large mug of German beer.

WEISSWURST – Speaking of Germany, this “white sausage” is also made mostly with veal (and sometimes pork). It’s mild and is commonly eaten for breakfast in Bavaria with a sweet mustard and a half liter of hefeweizen beer.

ITALIAN SAUSAGE – Italian-style sausage is notable because it comes in both mild and spicy varieties. Heavily spiced, it often has a heavy sprinkling of fennel seeds.

CHORIZO – Chorizo is a traditional Spanish-style sausage. It comes dry as well as ground. For the sake of this article, the ground chorizo is heavily spiced, often with paprika, and is placed in casings for the grill.

KIELBASA – This Polish favorite is made with lean pork and beef often added. It is highly seasoned with prevalent flavors of garlic.

ANDOUILLE – This French favorite is known for its spicy flavors, and is most commonly associated with Cajun cooking from Louisiana. Dice it, and try it on top of your shrimp and grits.

BANGERS – As in bangers and mash. It’s a traditional favorite on the British Isle and in Ireland.

LINGUIÇA – This ground pork sausage is notable because of its heavy seasoning that usually consists of garlic, cumin, and paprika. It’s a Portuguese staple.

KNACKWURST – Another famous German sausage, knackwurst has a distinguished garlic flavor and is smoked.

CURRYWURST – One of Germany’s latest additions (relatively speaking) to the world of sausage, currywurst is spiced with, you guessed it, curry. It pairs well with curry ketchup, too.

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