Tips for Buying Kitchen Equipment in a Commercial Kitchen Showroom


Are you a home foodie in Alexandria or Del Ray, Virginia? Do you run your home kitchen like a Washington, D.C. restaurant? Maybe you wish your Maryland dining room was stocked with commercial kitchen equipment to make it look like for favorite seafood restaurant?

If any of these are true, you might be a great candidate to do your kitchen equipment and supply shopping in a commercial kitchen showroom. When you shop where chefs shop, not only can you find professional kitchen equipment, but you can also get it at a fraction of the cost as some of the big name commercial retailers.


1) Look for a place open to the public. Many commercial kitchen equipment suppliers don’t sell to the public, so make sure before you go.

2) Look for a place that doesn’t require membership. Many showrooms or kitchen equipment suppliers in the Washington, D.C. area will require a membership. This often comes at a price that will negate the savings you’ll see on the actual equipment.

3) Find a showroom that offers a full range of products in the actual showroom. Many locations will just show you a catalog where you can order products for future delivery.

4) Don’t be intimidated. Ask for help. Sometimes a large commercial kitchen supply house will have row after row of equipment. And since you might not be a “true” chef, you might feel intimidated. Don’t! Have fun with the experience, and make sure to look for a showroom with a helpful staff that will make you feel like a chef, not belittle you because you’re not.

5) Look for discounts. Just by the shear nature of the businesses, you’ll be able to buy a wider range of kitchen supplies at a lower cost than the big name retailers. But make sure you’re looking for discounts, too!

Ready for your commercial kitchen supply room discount? Do you shop in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, D.C.? Here you go!