Tips to Prepare Your Foodservice Operation for the Holidays


The holiday season is upon us. The streets are a little busier. The stores are a bit more crowded with gift buyers. The internet is full of specials. And our restaurants, hotels, and catering services are operating at full capacity.

As we head into the last few weeks of the holiday season, there are a few things you can do to make to make your operation more efficient and ultimately more profitable, and we’d like to take a few of those ideas and share them with you here:


This next month will be filled with festivities and parties. By now, you’ve probably booked most of these arrangements with your guests, so the next step is to make sure you’re prepared. Hire the right number of staff members it will take to pull off a successful event. Look forward to ordering schedules to make sure you have the right ingredients behind the bar and in the kitchen. Arrange the space so it’s decorative and festive.

One area we can’t stress enough is the need to make sure you have the right numbers in terms of staffing. With hiring in the foodservice industry being so challenging today, look ahead, plan, and make the decisions that will set your operation up for success.


One of the joys of the holiday season is to see our surroundings filled with festive décor and design. This certainly goes for restaurants, hotels, and catering services, as well. And to be more specific, it’s also important on the tabletop.

As you prepare for holiday events and celebrations, from Chanukah to Christmas to the Champagne popping of New Year’s Eve, create joy on your tabletop with festive servingware, dinnerware, flatware, and stemware. Make sure you’re counting and preparing to accommodate your guest total, and align your glassware and porcelain accordingly.


Banqueting a large ballroom full of corporate party-goers can be a challenge. Catering piping hot dishes in the dead of winter might be difficult. But there are ways to ensure you’re serving your foods at ideal conditions.

From rolling ovens to holding cabinets and food delivery systems to chafing dishes, be sure you’re exploring and considering foodservice equipment that will help you impress your guests by serving nothing but the highest quality food serviced at the best possible conditions.

Are you ready for the holidays? Do you need last minute additions for either your professional kitchen or a residential one? Check out our online store to browse through a whole range of foodservice equipment and supplies that can make your holiday event a smashing success.

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