A Brief Look at Ventless Cooking Technology from TurboChef


Ventless cooking equipment expands cooking options for the foodservice industry while reducing overall costs. It eliminates the need for cumbersome, expensive hoods and allows flexibility to use available space to the best advantage. Ventless technology handily decreases cooking times without giving up on quality results. It is quickly becoming the go-to choice for foodservice businesses who appreciate and insist on the best in market trends.

Traditional commercial kitchens require proper ventilation and ductwork to draw and filter airborne grease and fumes. Self-contained ventless equipment gets the job done electronically without the hassle and expense of hard-to-clean and bulky hoods. Going ventless is easy and smart with these TurboChef state-of-the-art conveyors and ovens.

Ventless Rapid Cook Ovens

TurboChef’s rapid cook ovens offer revolutionary performance and efficiency designed to save energy while keeping user-friendly consistency in mind. The ovens combine two or more heat transfer mechanisms including convection, microwave, and high-speed air impingement. The oven’s internal system eliminates vapors before the grease escapes providing a clean and odor-free cooking experience.

Ventless rapid cook ovens come with a variety of innovative features including intuitive touch controls and built-in self-diagnostics. The ovens are Wi-Fi and USB compatible with a handy menu system designed for storing over 200 recipes. Best of all, TurboChef’s rapid cook ovens decrease cooking times by more than 80%. This capability allows flexibility in foodservice operations as well as boosting the overall bottom line.

Ventless High-Speed Conveyors

TurboChef’s ventless high-speed conveyor quickly heats food making it the perfect choice for pizza and hot sandwich eateries. It uses High-h air impingement and unique conveyor technology in a ventless format for top-of-the-line performance. The recirculating airflow system includes a variable speed option and the units can be switched to idle mode to conserve energy. It only makes sense to replace large, bulky pizza ovens with one of these sleek conveyors.

For foodservice businesses, a rapid heating process without sacrificing functionality and quality is a boon to a successful operation. TurboChef’s ventless high-speed conveyors deliver with high-heat transfer rates allowing multiple artisan-style pizzas to be cooked in an hour. Toasted hot sandwiches and appetizers are ready to serve in minutes. It is space-saving technology at its best.

Ventless High-Speed Impingement Ovens

TurboChef’s ventless high-speed impingement ovens are similar to its rapid cook ovens but instead utilize a batch format for the ultimate in space-saving and production. Cooking time is 40-50% faster because of the oven’s high-heat transfer rates and variable-speed blowers. When it comes to making the most of available counter space, foodservice operators can’t go wrong with one of these efficient units.

The precise, programmable control options and oscillating racks provide everything foodservice operators need to serve customer-pleasing food in no time at all. The ventless operation uses an integral recirculating catalytic converter for efficiency and minimum energy input. The ovens are the ideal choice for quick-serve restaurants or pizza stores looking to optimize sales while offering a competitive, first-class product.

Why Choose TurboChef?

TurboChef Technologies, Inc. is your comprehensive source of innovative commercial cooking equipment and rapid cooking technology. Its pioneering approach to smart kitchen solutions for the foodservice industry makes it the number one choice for business owners. TurboChef was founded in 1991 introducing robust restaurant products designed with ground-breaking technology for long-lasting durability. Our company stands by its products offering customer-focused support following any purchase.

TurboChef’s ventless rapid cook ovens and conveyors are available in several styles with a choice of stainless steel or powder-coated color options. Every oven is certified as a non-grease emitting appliance. Our integrated connectivity program allows our service team to stay on top of potential problems before they happen. This provides customers with the peace of mind of uninterrupted business operations. Let us know how we can help you take advantage of our ventless technology in your kitchen.

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