What is Combi Technology?


Being able to cook almost anything using one appliance sounds like a dream. It probably seems a little far fetched, but it’s actually a reality. With combi technology, you’re able to utilize three cooking styles to reap the benefits of cooking without moving between several appliances. That allows you to serve faster, cook more, and spend less managing multiple appliances in the kitchen. 

What is a combi oven?

After years of advances in technology, the ultimate cooking appliance has been created. A combi oven uses convection heat, steam, and a mixture of the two to help make the cooking process a breeze. By providing multiple cooking styles, it’s essentially offering you limitless options on how you prepare and serve your consumers. Its size helps reduce kitchen space and lower energy consumption while fueling productivity and increasing your ability to serve. The combi oven is literally the next best thing on the market.

Is it right for my kitchen?

The combi oven is perfect for industrial kitchens. Most combi appliances come with accurate controls that allow you to cook at precise temperatures, while also giving you the flexibility to prepare dishes in your own way. Additionally, you can use a combi oven in place of slow cookers and holding cabinets by adjusting the temperature. The efficiency of having one appliance that does the job of many is that it can save you from moving between multiple appliances and also reduce your energy consumption. 

You can choose between touch screen vs. dial combi ovens and gas vs. electric, giving you full control over your cooking process. Combi ovens are also made to be versatile, allowing you to pick from a variety of sizes. If you want to test out combi oven technology before introducing it to your commercial kitchen, go with a mini oven. If you’re ready to reap the benefits of the amazing technology, choose between a tabletop set up and one of the floor models.

What can I cook and how?


Get that perfect texture when you cook vegetables, steamed rice, or poached fish. You can slowly cook dishes to maintain flavor and provide a delicious meal. Steaming is also great for busy service times when you need to cook in large quantities but can’t solely monitor one dish.


Using dry heat, you can cook meat or bake bread. You’ll find that this option is also great for making side dishes like pizza or french fries. By controlling the usage of dry heat, you can bake, fry, or roast menu items.

Combination of the two

You’ll find that cooking with a combination of steaming and convection leaves things like meat tender. It caters to capturing the flavor while balancing the humidity to keep food from drying out. It easily helps you lower the rate of wasted product.

Combi ovens are rising in popularity for their efficiency. The versatility in styles, compatibility with the surplus of cooking options, and high-quality productivity make it one of the hottest appliances in 2020. 

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