5 Epic Summer Party Ideas to Try


Summer is all about time outside with family and friends, barbeques, and pool parties. If you’re thinking of planning a summer party, here are a few easy ideas to get you started that won’t keep you inside cooking the day away.

Wine Cubes

Sipping a glass of wine is nice, but why not try wine cubes! Simply freeze about 1oz per cube of your favorite wine overnight. Then offer guests the ability to add the cubes into their wine glass, or add the cubes into sparkling water for a lighter, refreshing drink.
Recipe: Wine Cubes

Whipped Feta Mini Peppers

Add a pop of color to the menu with these delicious, crunchy mini peppers with whipped feta. With only 4 easy ingredients, this recipe is very easy to whip together. Combining salty feta cheese with some cream cheese in a food processor, and then blending will provide a great smooth filling.
Recipe: Mini Peppers with Whipped Feta

S’mores Blossom Cookies

This gooey marshmallow, chocolate, and peanut butter treat will have your guests craving more! If you don’t have a firepit, this is a fantastic treat to enjoy all the fun of s’mores without building the campfire. So grab a bag of Hershey’s Kisses, some marshmallows, some peanut butter, and the makings for cookies, and you’ll have toasted goodies served up within about 30min of prep time and 1 hour 45 minutes of cooking/cooling time.
Recipe: S’mores Blossom Cookies

Fruit SlushiesSlushie- Alto-Hartley

Fruit slushies can be enjoyed by both the kids and adults on a hot summer day with this great recipe for serving up fresh fruit slushies out of a pitcher. The beauty of these frozen drinks is you can have some creative fun adding in different fruits or try some of these classic variations of watermelon, peach-mango, or lime-coconut coolers. For the adults, add your favorite liquor for a tasty cold treat.
Recipe: Fruit Slushies

Bunless Burger Bites

This easy-to-make appetizer is the perfect way to enjoy a cheeseburger…that’s low carb! Simply pile your favorite burger ingredients on a toothpick, or allow your guests to create their own mini burgers with this quick recipe that can easily be prepared within 25 minutes.
Recipe: Bunless Burger Bites

No party is complete without these tips for an effortlessly epic summer party!

  1. String up a fun piñata for your guests or the kids to take a swing at towards the end of the night.
  2. Setup speakers for music and play some of the upbeat classics. If you’re wanting a truly unique party musicexperience, try hiring a small band or a DJ to play some music (at a comfortable sound level) for your guests.
  3. Slice up a few different hearty sandwiches then wrap them up in wax paper and tie them with twine for an easy, grab-and-eat treat.
  4. Give your seats a summer feel with no-sew pillow covers. Sandwich your chair cushions between two bandanas, then join each corner together with a rubber band and a thin ribbon.
  5. Create a beverage station separate from the food. This allows guests to mix drinks and mingle. Stock the bar with cups, straws (to double as stirrers), and plenty of ice — a large metal pail will keep bottles and cans cool. An insulated cooler nearby for extra cubes is also beneficial.
  6. Create a cooler out of your plant stands. After emptying it out, fill the plant stand with plenty of ice to keep drinks chilled. Another festive idea is to fill latex balloons with water, freeze them overnight on a baking sheet, and add them in with the drinks.
  7. Hang decorative lighting to set the mood.
  8. Keep the pesky mosquitoes away by removing standing water, setting up fans, and offering your guests bug wipes.

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