7 Home Kitchen Equipment Needs for Summer


Summer is here. Heat, humidity, bugs, flowers, the 4th of July — all of it.

For all the home chefs out there, that means hosting parties and backyard barbecues, and when it comes to the warmer months of the year, hosting can require a whole new set of kitchen equipment and supplies. Here’s a quick overview of a few essential summer kitchen items for your home.

ICE CREAM MAKERAlto Hartley Ice Cream

Nothing says summer like ice cream. An ice cream maker is an easy way to take seasonal fruits and turn them into post-dinner glory. Not only will family and guests love the effort, but making homemade ice cream can also be a source of entertainment for children. Ice cream doesn’t just come from pints in a freezer, you know.


Not ready to go all-in and make homemade ice cream? How about a homemade ice cream shake? You can still take all those seasonal fruits and turn them into milkshakes with just a little vanilla ice cream and a good immersion blender. The power of an immersion blender doesn’t stop there, though. You can also create cold soups like gazpacho, salsas, sauces, and purées.


Warm summer nights are a great occasion for getting out that pizza stone or firing up your outdoor pizza oven. Those amazing pies don’t get in and out of the oven on their own, though. Invest in a good pizza peel to make sure you’re not damaging dinner before you get it out of the hot oven.

Alto Hartley juiceJUICER

There’s nothing like fresh citrus in summer. Whether you’re going for fresh OJ in your Mimosa or lime in your homemade ceviche, a juicer is an easy way to show your dedication to fresh, quality ingredients. At the end of the day, as much as we may love the bottle of Tropicana in our grocery store refrigerator, it doesn’t have the same flavor as a fresh-squeezed Valencia orange from the produce section.


Speaking of citrus, how about a zester? Shaving off lemon peels into a dessert or on top of ricotta cheese can be a divine touch. Zesters are great for adding subtle flavors to salad dressings, sauces, and creams, and they’re even a great tool for adding basic citrus flavors to cocktails.


‘Tis the season for fresh cherries. Whether you’re using them in a seasonal pie or are boiling them down with a secret ingredient blend to make homemade cocktail cherries, a cherry pitter will make your life a lot easier. And with the kids, you’ll never have to say — Don’t swallow the pit — again.


Last but not least, who can make it through a hot summer Saturday without a beverage blender? Start in the morning with smoothies for the kids and round out the afternoon with frozen margaritas. No matter what you’re trying to create, though, a well-made beverage blender will make your summertime a lot easier. After all, the equipment a bartender uses directly relates to the quality of drinks he or she creates.

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