Essential Kitchen Equipment for a College Apartment


In the greater Washington, D.C. area, we have many of the nation’s top colleges and universities. Local students are learning skills that will help them through life both in and out of the classroom, and one of those skills is cooking. Eating well in college is a balance of ability and budget, and with the right essential kitchen equipment, it can be even easier to achieve.

Before we look at the essential kitchen equipment for a college apartment, it’s important to first consider the factors that affect a college student’s diet. Time is limited, so the cooking process should be short and sweet. Money is also limited, so expensive cooking equipment isn’t ideal unless it can save time. Finally, there’s the element of creativity. In reality, a college diet is restricted only by these three things: time, budget, and creativity.

So what essential kitchen equipment should go in every college apartment?


Every college apartment needs the basic appliances, which are generally designed to save time. The initial purchase may be expensive, but when a single kitchen appliance can save a student hours upon hours of time over the course of the year, an additional $200 is worth it. Every college apartment should have a microwave and a coffee maker. Other essential college kitchen appliances are crock pots, blenders, and the infamous “dorm refrigerator.”


These are the basics needed to prep and process meals. From pots and pans to bowls and serving dishes, eating well in a college apartment cannot happen without the right cookware. One suggestion is a good cast iron skillet. It provides high quality cooking ability and is very easy to clean. Cookware can take up space, though, so select it carefully for small college apartments.


Now that the food is cooked, it needs to be eaten. This is when utensils are needed. Yes, forks, knives, plates, and bowls are important, but so are the other utensils that can make life a heck of a lot easier for college students. The no-brainer for college students is the pizza slicer, but don’t forget about spatulas, tongs, and even a good chef’s knife to make prep even easier.

Buying Essential Kitchen Equipment for College Apartments on a Budget

Now that you know what to buy, let’s talk about how to buy it as cheaply as possible. Unlike many national retail chains, it’s possible to buy essential kitchen equipment for your college apartment or your Washington, D.C. home kitchen for a fraction of the price. Visit the Alto-Hartley Showroom, and we’ll even provide you with a 10-percent discount off your entire purchase.